Are all term papers checked for plagiarism?

Are all term papers checked for plagiarism?

The literal and meaningful matches of your bachelor thesis with other works are then displayed in percentages by the plagiarism software. This checks whether it is plagiarism, documented text passages or coincidences.

Which words are not allowed in a scientific paper?

Even subjective words have no place in a scientific text. Words like natural, logical, self-evident or even beautiful, fantastic, super or wonderful should simply be avoided. The same goes for exaggerations like very, extreme, real and great.

What exactly does a plagiarism software check?

A plagiarism software serves as an aid to checking text passages for similarities with other sources. The result of a plagiarism software shows the percentage of a thesis that is similar to other sources, but not the percentage of plagiarism.

How safe is PlagScan?

Once I’ve gotten used to it, I find Plagscan convincing, both for checking other people’s work and for playing it safe with your own long work. Plagiarism can also happen through carelessness or unclean work and does not always have to be active fraud.

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