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Daniel Anchondo has been practicing law for more than four decades. A Jefferson High School graduate who played varsity football and served on its student senate, Daniel attended University of Denver Law School before volunteering with Red Cross as well as being in a runoff election to fill the 205th District Court seat against Juan Dominguez.

Early Life and Education

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He graduated from Jefferson High School in El Paso where he played varsity football and served in the student senate. Additionally, while studying at UTEP he worked part-time at the library while taking on occasional jobs to make ends meet.

Anchondo completed internships at law firms while in college and obtained practical experience before beginning his own practice in business, criminal, family and civil law. Since 1984 he has been a member of the Texas Bar. Anchondo currently resides at 10620 Cuatro Vistas Dr. El Paso TX 79935

Professional Career

Daniel Anchondo has been practicing law since 1980 in both state and federal courts. Since 2014, he has served on the 205th District Court where he handles everything from misdemeanor DWIs, murder cases and complex civil litigation to probate and family law issues. A graduate of Jefferson High School in El Paso where he played varsity football while being part of their student senate; earning both his Bachelor’s in Kinesiology as well as Doctoral Degree in Interdisciplinary Health Sciences at UTEP

Achievement and Honors

Anchondo was honored to receive both the Air Force Outstanding Unit Award and Air Force Meritorious Service Medal during his distinguished military career. Additionally, he became certified combat life saver instructor, teaching over 3,500 personnel across various ranks of service. Furthermore, Anchondo served on Desert Defender Ground Combat Readiness Training Center’s medical operations team at Fort Bliss.

Anchondo’s passion for music extends to his work as a violin/piano instructor. With 13 years of teaching experience under his belt and students of various ages and musical backgrounds to guide, Anchondo enjoys mentoring pupils of all kinds – having played alongside artists like George Benson and Sheryl Crowe among many others.

Anchondo is a loving father and friend. An avid reader and travel enthusiast, Anchondo loves exploring exotic locales.

Personal Life

At Jefferson High School, Anchondo worked odd jobs while also playing varsity football and serving on the student senate. Additionally, during summers spent working in California harvesting grapes, peaches and almonds he worked loading and unloading trailers for both ICX Freight Lines and Time Freight ICX Freight Lines and Time Freight.

He has over four decades of experience practicing law in all aspects of criminal and civil litigation, such as wrongful death cases, family law disputes and probate litigation. Additionally, he has appeared before both state and federal courts as well as serving on various bar association committees.

He has a 4-year-old nephew who still struggles with their parents’ deaths, so on special occasions such as Father’s Day or when looking at family pictures he tries to be supportive for him and be there as much as possible.

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