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Barry Sloane is an English actor known for his performances in many TV shows and movies as well as theater and voice acting work. His most renowned role to date has been Captain Price from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game franchise.

Sloane lives across from Eastern CEO Bob Rivers in a cul-de-sac and often check in while out walking their dogs or picking up mail. Additionally, Sloane is involved with various charitable causes.

Early Life and Education

Barry Sloane is an esteemed British actor best known for his roles in movies such as The Mark of Cain and Pleasureland (both winning BAFTA awards). Additionally, Barry also specializes in theatre performance as well as voice acting – being Captain Price from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as well as its 2019 reboot Black Ops Cold War.

Sloane made his acting debut in the 2000 film In His Life: The John Lennon Story as Ivan, followed by appearing as Troy Whitworth in Jez Butterworth’s critically acclaimed play Jerusalem at London’s West End and eventually Broadway’s Music Box Theatre in New York City.

Sloane is passionate about supporting charitable efforts and has advocated for mental health and children’s welfare causes, participating in fundraising events and walks for these causes.

Professional Career

Sloane’s military experience has undoubtedly prepared him to portray tough characters on screen, such as Wes Lawrence in Steven Spielberg’s The Whispers or Joseph “Bear” Graves from SIX. Additionally, he is well known for playing Deputy Zack Heflin on Longmire as well as Aiden Mathis from Revenge.

In 2006, he made his West End debut in Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers. Soon thereafter in December 2007, he took on the role of serial killer Niall Rafferty on Channel 4 drama Hollyoaks and earned three award nominations as part of this role. Most recently in 2010, Kieran Callaghan from Holby City made its way onto TV screens as an award nominee role.

He recently made an impressive performance as Troy Whitworth in Jez Butterworth’s critically acclaimed new play Jerusalem at Royal Court Theatre London.

Achievement and Honors

Over his career, Sloane has earned wide critical acclaim for his screen work. His ability to inject depth and complexity into characters has captured audiences and earned him a strong following.

Aiden Mathis of Revenge was especially well received and earned him a nomination for the Gracie Allen Awards. Since the show ended, he has made appearances in several other TV shows such as The Whispers, Six, and L.A.’s Finest.

Sloane is also an active investor, according to public records he has completed eight insider transactions at NewtekOne Inc (NEWT) totaling $26,232 in purchases resulting in his current ownership of 3,000 shares in this company and estimated total net worth between $1-5 Million; earning most of his income as a professional actor.

Personal Life

As a family man, Sloane values spending quality time with his wife and children. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and discovering different cultures; often posting images from his travels on social media. Furthermore, he is actively involved with charity work supporting organizations which raise awareness for mental health issues.

His hobbies and interests span reading and sports, with cycling being his main passion – even walking 1,000 miles for charity Mind!

Sloane is not only known for his acting career, but is also a board member at Boston Private Bank and Trust Company. Over the last nine years he has made various trades in NewtekOne Inc (NEWT) stock with his most recent purchase taking place on 13 December 2023.

Net Worth

He is an established actor, having appeared in various television series and films. Through acting alone he has amassed an impressive fortune; additionally he invests his earnings in stocks and other assets.

He enjoys boxing and has a deep appreciation for music. Using his platform to raise awareness about important social issues such as those facing military veterans. Furthermore, he supports them and participates in charity runs and events as an advocate.

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