Akinyele Net Worth

Rap legend Big Pun, best known for the 90s hit “Put It in Your Mouth,” is making bank with his venture as a strip club owner. He owns Miami’s Queen of Diamonds as well as Rachel’s Gentleman Club on South Beach.

At 65 years old, Akinyele’s net worth is estimated at between $1-5 Million. He earned this fortune through working as a Celebrity.

Early Life and Education

Akinyele was raised in Queens, New York. His life was heavily shaped by his family and sister who was an avid reader. Akinyele became well-known during his 1990s rap career for his sexually explicit lyrics; making his first debut appearance on “Live at the Barbeque”, from Main Source’s 1991 album Breaking Atoms alongside Nas, Kool G Rap and Large Professor.

Dr. Kovacevic has published 49 journal articles, four books and monographs as well as serving on numerous American National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship evaluation panels.

Erichson is licensed to practice law in Georgia’s State and Superior courts, Court of Appeals and Supreme Court; as well as being a member of both DeKalb County Bar Association and Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Professional Career

Tunde Akinyele is an Assistant District Attorney in DeKalb County in Georgia and handles serious criminal offense cases such as burglary, armed robbery, sexual assault cases against children, white collar crime and homicide. He is licensed to practice law both state courts as well as United States District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

Alexander Opeyemi Akinyele was a Nigerian administrator who served as Minister of Information and Chairman, Bational Sports Commission. Additionally, he was renowned as a prolific writer.

Akinyele followed 2 Live Crew’s scandalous recordings with his own tribute to sexuality on 1993’s Vagina Diner for Interscope Records, featuring fellow gangsta rappers Nas, Kool G Rap and Large Professor. Today Akinyele continues his success through investing in strip clubs.

Achievement and Honors

He is both a business consultant and former civil servant who has held various posts. These include serving as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture and Finance of Nigeria’s former Western State; acting as Registrar and Secretary to Council at University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University), Ile-Ife; Federal Director of Budget Affairs to President Shehu Shagari from 1979-1983, Special Advisor on Budget Affairs to Shehu Shagari from 1979-1983 and more recently.

He made his acting and singing debut in the film, “Jumanji”, becoming an esteemed actor and singer with several albums under his belt. Born in Ido Ekiti, Nigeria and currently living in Los Angeles he keeps his personal life private while staying single at 65 years old – yet shows great passion for both music and drama!

Personal Life

At present, Akinyele remains unknown about her personal life. She prefers keeping her romantic life private and does not provide many details regarding potential partners or hookups.

She lives with three children in Los Angeles, California and boasts an opulent home as well as earning significant wealth through acting.

Although she has achieved great success, she still struggles to make ends meet. Luckily, she was recognized by the Oyo State government’s Oyo Empowerment Initiative (OEMI), and recently revealed in one of her Instagram posts that her father passed away recently and she is helping his son care for himself; his loss drives her passion for acting forward and she plans on using her talent to aid others; volunteering for homeless shelters as well as educating underprivileged children are just two examples of ways she has used it for good.

Net Worth

Akinyele’s estimated net worth ranges between $1 – 3 Million Dollars. He earned this fortune through his primary career as a rapper.

He became widely popular among underground radio listeners thanks to his sensuous lyrics, making his 1993 debut album Vagina Diner featuring numerous sexual-themed tracks produced by Gangsta-funk rap group 2 Live Crew and including songs such as “Put It In Your Mouth” and “Full Moon”.

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