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Beautiful flower arrangements welcome spring

This winter and the corona pandemic just don’t seem to want to end. Because of the lockdown we have to stay home again. In addition, the freezing temperatures outside do not allow us to do much. That is why we are all waiting impatiently for beautiful sunny weather, a cheerful spring mood and no more social restrictions. Until then, we want to make ourselves comfortable in our own home. You can find out how to do this below. We have prepared beautiful flower arrangements for all interested parties that can inspire even the greatest skeptic. These are perfect remedies for winter blues. With the first spring flowers you can create such arrangements that invite the new season straight into your home. They fill your four walls with new energy, shine in the most beautiful colors and put you in a good mood. So it’s worth at least a look!

An enchanting flower arrangement with hydrangeas, daffodils and tulips in pastel shades.

Schöne Blumenarrangements weiße Vase Hortensien Narzissen Tulpen in Pastelltönen

The snowdrops are the first to herald spring!

Schöne Blumenarrangements Schneeglöckchen in einem Gefäß mit Baumrinde umwickelt

Lemon yellow tulips in color contrast to light blue hydrangeas make up this arrangement.

Schöne Blumenarrangements Vase aus Glas zitronengelbe Tulpen hellblaue Hortensien Farbkontrast

What flowers can you choose for beautiful flower arrangements?

In all seasons, nature surprises us with its wonderful creations. But now she is awakening to new life. It is precisely for this reason that it shows itself in its most beautiful shapes and splendid colors in spring. The new season comes with colorful flowers that bloom one after the other and inspire us anew every year. You are sure to have admired the first snowdrops in the garden, the harbingers of spring. They give everyone optimism that spring can’t be far. Then come the right early bloomers that bring more color outside and inside, namely yellow daffodils, pink, purple and white hyacinths and elegant tulips, which can be found in many shades. Then it’s the turn of hydrangeas, lilies of the valley and peonies.

You can create beautiful flower arrangements quickly and easily with the beautiful early bloomers.

Schöne Blumenarrangements weiße Vase mit blauem Muster Päonien in zartem Rosa Kirschzweige mit ersten blühenden Knospen in Rosa

Elegant white tulips with eucalyptus leaves against a dark background come to the fore.

Schöne Blumenarrangements Blumengefäß aus Glas elegante weiße Tulpen Eukalyptusblätter dunkler Hintergrund

White roses are always worth a look!

Schöne Blumenarrangements weiße Rosen Glasgefäß Eukalyptusblätter

The spring flowers mentioned above cut a fine figure in pots and wooden boxes on the windowsill, in vases and teapots on the dining and coffee table, as well as outside in the garden bed. They score with their pastel colors, which symbolize spring. The color palette ranges from snow-white to various shades of yellow, red, pink and violet, and goes on to blue and purple. Add to this the numerous soft green tones of the leaves, which range from grass and lime green to emerald green.

Pussy willows keep the yellow tulips company in a glass jar.

Schöne Blumenarrangements Glasgefäß gelbe Tulpen arrangiert Weidenkätzchen

Rustic flower arrangements in wooden boxes are now more in demand.

Schöne Blumenarrangements rustikales Arrangement im Holzkasten orangene Hyazinthen weiße Tulpen Weidenkätzchen

Soft lilies of the valley and tulips in white and pink go well together and form a great eye-catcher in the room.

Schöne Blumenarrangements sanfte Maiglöckchen Tulpen in Weiß und Rosa ergeben einen Blickfang

The beautiful spring flowers have one more important plus. They inscribe themselves in all possible flower arrangements and charm us with their fresh, spring-like look. Looking at them, you can immediately forget worries and anger and get in the mood for the new season. That is also the aim of the spring-like flower arrangements. They improve your mood in no time and let you think creatively and forge new plans for the near future. Just the thing after the long winter!

Beautiful flower arrangements create a good mood.

Schöne Blumenarrangements Krug in Pastellfarbe herrliche Tulpen Hyazinthen darin schaffen gute Laune

Schöne Blumenarrangements verschiedene Frühlingsblumen ein farbenfrohes Blütenmeer im Glasgefäß Blickfang auf einem alten Holztisch

Schöne Blumenarrangements zitronengelbe Tulpen sattgrüne Blätter schwarzes Gefäß gelbe Schleife kleine verpackte Geschenke

Schöne Blumenarrangements rosafarbene Tulpen im Glasgefäß auf einem Holztisch zwei Kristallgläser ein Becher

In which containers do beautiful flower arrangements fit?

You don’t need to be a florist to create beautiful flower arrangements at home. First, get some beautiful spring flowers and some green to go with them. You can also incorporate eucalyptus leaves, willow twigs, pussy willow, and even green herbs into these arrangements. The next step is to use suitable flower pots. It wouldn’t be a problem if you took out your lovely vases and picked one or two of them. For spring-like flower arrangements, vases made of glass or porcelain are well suited if they also go well with the furnishing style of your home. Colorful planters can also be used for this purpose, especially if they are in soft pastel colors. You can also create beautiful flower arrangements in rustic vessels – in old zinc jugs, for example, in wooden boxes from grandma’s time that you might find on the roof or in the basement. There are no limits to your creativity here!

There is sure to be a suitable vessel for your beautiful flower arrangement.

Schöne Blumenarrangements rosafarbene Tulpen und andere Blumen im Metallgefäß kleine Vase

Schöne Blumenarrangements alte Flasche aus dunklem Glas Kirschzweige rosa Blüten Blickfang im Wohnzimmer

Schöne Blumenarrangements weiße Vase auf der Kommode viele farbenfrohe Frühlingsblumen etwas Grün

Schöne Blumenarrangements einfache Glasflaschen viele farbenfrohe Blumen Weidenkätzchen

Beautiful flower arrangements and Easter decorations go hand in hand

With the arrival of spring comes the preparation for Easter. This always follows shortly after the beginning of spring. That is why you can also interweave your spring-like flower arrangements with the Easter decorations at home. The last one can be from rustic to Scandinavian, but always best in pastel shades. You can wind a wreath of twigs, cover a nest with moss and arrange beautiful flowers and some greenery in it. This also gives you a hint of the coming Easter festival. In addition, this decoration can stay until after Easter, when the flowers are fresh for that long. For similar decoration ideas you can also use an old jug or vintage flower pot, they are always great eye-catchers in any ambience. Silver vessels too! These are timeless and can inscribe themselves well in all styles. You can use it to create beautiful flower arrangements and great Easter decorations.

Rustic flower arrangements are always eye catching.

Schöne Blumenarrangements Nest aus Weidenzweige verflochten farbenfrohe Tulpen ein echter Blickfang Osterdeko

Schöne Blumenarrangements rustikales Arrangement gelbe Narzissen sattgrüne Blätter im alten Zinkeimer

Schöne Blumenarrangements rustikal Zwiebelblumen weiße Blüten im alten Zinkeimer auf einem Vintage Stuhl

Schöne Blumenarrangements blaue Hyazinthen in einer weißen Vintage Porzellanschale

All flower arrangements are easy to copy

Schöne Blumenarrangements rosafarbene Tulpen Rosmarinblätter kleine rosa Blüten rustikales Glasgefäß

Do you want to try creating these yourself?

Schöne Blumenarrangements Glasgefäß weiße Tulpen Eukalyptusblätter Laterne weiße Kerzen daneben auf einem weißen Tisch

You’re sure to do well!

Schöne Blumenarrangements Vintage Tisch Tulpen grüne Blätter im Glas

Put your creativity into play …

Schöne Blumenarrangements weiße Tulpen etwas Grün Übertopf aus geflochtenen Zweigen schöner Blickfang

… and welcome spring into your home!

Schöne Blumenarrangements rustikales Arrangement grüne Eukalyptuszweige im Glasgefäß Brennholz daneben ein Deko Kissen

Schöne Blumenarrangements drei Glasflaschen rosafarbene Päonien Kräutergräser

Schöne Blumenarrangements weiße Porzellangefäße weiße Tulpen etwas Grün auf Holzplatte

Schöne Blumenarrangements Glasgefäß als Topf weiße Blumen sprossen auf

Schöne Blumenarrangements rundes Glas als Vase zwei Weidenkätzchen Zweige

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