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Benjamin Finebaum Net Worth

Finebaum’s call-in show gives high-spirited SEC fans an outlet to discuss issues related to their teams and rivals, with one particularly memorable caller alleging he poisoned Toomer’s Oak trees on Auburn campus in 2011.

Finebaum has since made regular appearances on ESPN programs such as SportsCenter and College GameDay, while also becoming a fixture on the SEC Network.

Early Life and Education

Finebaum was born on the 26th July, 1955 in Memphis, Tennessee in the USA to Benjamin and Gloria Finebaum who ran a Caucasian family. Benjamin worked as an optometrist while Gloria served the IRS as a clerk.

Christian Brothers and White Station high schools in Memphis were his previous academic institutions before enrolling at the University of Tennessee. There he began writing sports columns for local newspapers before turning his skills to radio broadcasting.

He is best-known for his controversial college football comments and received several awards including a Sports Emmy. Additionally, Finebaum played a key role in ESPN documentary Roll Tide/War Eagle as well as being featured on SEC Network shows like his. Finebaum is married to Linda Hudson and they share two children.

Professional Career

Finebaum began his radio career in the mid-80s as a commentator on WAPI’s Mark and Brian Radio Show, eventually going on to host his own show that became quite popular among listeners. Additionally, Finebaum regularly provides insight as an analyst on ESPN’s College GameDay and SportsCenter programs.

His radio show has become a source of debate and controversy surrounding Alabama football teams. He has been named in several defamation lawsuits and caused heated arguments between rival fans.

Bey earned a reputation as a fierce critic of Alabama coaches. Additionally, he is an author who has published multiple sports-themed books. Furthermore, his social media following includes Twitter and Facebook where many fans consider him the “King of the South.” Reeves Wiedeman even featured him as part of an article written for New Yorker magazine entitled: The King of the South (2012); Reeves Wiedeman also described him as such in 2012. Today he works at ESPN hosting his own show there.

Achievement and Honors

Finebaum has won more than 250 national, regional and area sports writing honors. His articles about the University of Alabama player Buck Johnson scandal and a dispute between AU and NCAA officials that resulted in Terry Bowden being dismissed earned wide acclaim and received national media coverage.

Columbia University awarded Finebaum for his strong and often controversial views of race relations in sports. His show served as the voice for ESPN’s award-winning Roll Tide/War Eagle documentary series.

Paul Finebaum currently hosts the Paul Finebaum Radio Network and serves as an analyst on ESPN shows. Additionally, he has written numerous books on college football as an accomplished speaker. Born July 26th 1955 to Benjamin and Gloria Filderman Finebaum of Memphis Tennessee; Finebaum attended Christian Brothers and White Station high schools before going on to earn his degree in Political Science at University of Tennessee Knoxville.

Personal Life

Finebaum is married to Linda Hudson, an internist from St. Vincent’s Hospital in Birmingham who has provided him with invaluable support throughout his career and helped him reach his goals. They have been together since 1990 and enjoy a strong partnership.

He is an avid college football supporter and his show has garnered much praise throughout the United States.

He has written numerous books on college football. Additionally, he possesses an avid interest in journalism and has garnered several awards for his efforts. A graduate from University of Tennessee with a political science degree, he is widely known as one of Southeast’s foremost experts on college football and ESPN SEC Network’s go-to guy for information.

Net Worth

Paul Finebaum has amassed an estimated net worth of around $2 Million through his career as an author and radio/TV personality.

Born in Memphis, Tennessee on 26th July 1955 to Gloria and Benjamin Finebaum he hails from a Jewish family and belongs to this heritage. Known as Pam Finebaum she is their only sibling. Their father worked as an optometrist while their mother served as an IRS clerk during their life.

Christian graduated from Christian Brothers and White Station High Schools in Memphis before going on to earn his degree in Political Science at the University of Tennessee. Since 1990 he has resided in Birmingham where he and Linda Hudson share an enjoyable married life together.

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