Benjamin Thayer

Benjamin Thayer – An Athlete Who Puts the “Student” in Student-Athlete

Benjamin Thayer stands out as an exceptional student-athlete from Hackett Catholic Central who understands how important it is to balance football with academic studies.

Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) are those who have attained at least an undergraduate degree verified by their state board of accountancy and passed an extensive national exam.

Early Life and Education

He attended Dartmouth College and completed a rigorous curriculum of mathematics, science, history, art, literature, moral philosophy and law studies there; later applying them when teaching engineering students at West Point.

Thayer believed civil engineers should possess proficiency in foreign languages, encouraging his students to study French. Furthermore, he was an enthusiastic supporter of arts and generous benefactor. He contributed funds to Lancaster Library as well as Thayer Academy – both coed secondary schools located in Braintree – among many other charitable causes.

Jess, a 2000 Thayer graduate, has been employed at the school since 2008. She currently serves as Associate Director of Admissions after spending two years working in alumni and development office. Jess has coached multiple sports at both Middle and Upper Schools such as basketball, soccer and lacrosse.

Professional Career

Jess, an alumna of Thayer’s Class of 2000, joined the Admissions Office as an admissions consultant in 2008. Since then she has also served as faculty advisor for Perfect Pals Club as well as coaching basketball and lacrosse varsity at both Thayer Middle and Upper Schools while sitting on their freshman advisory boards.

Ben practices commercial litigation, employment law and creditor rights with an emphasis on mortgage foreclosure actions. He represents clients in various employment disputes ranging from sexual harassment, discrimination and civil rights lawsuits to mortgage foreclosure proceedings.

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Achievement and Honors

As Superintendent of USMA, Thayer quickly eliminated loafers by setting admission requirements, military discipline measures, student honor systems and an advanced curriculum. Drawing upon his Dartmouth education, studies at Ecole Polytechnique and Corps of Engineer experience he developed an engineering-centric curriculum.

At a time when political connections could be used to manipulate military justice, Thayer stood firm on his principles. Resigning his superintendency to prevent President Jackson’s rivalry from further undermining USMA standards.

Later he donated money to help establish Dartmouth College’s Thayer School of Engineering, which trains some of the nation’s premier engineers. Additionally, he established the Thayer Award, which honors graduating cadets who embody Duty, Honor, Country values; this accolade stands as USMA’s highest award.

Personal Life

As both wives of two brothers from North Carolina went into labor on the same day, their father was overjoyed. First he received a text congratulating him on Cassidy Thayer being born; and later another text alerting him that another wife was also in labor.

Ben Thayer epitomizes what it means to be a student-athlete with his 3.6 grade point average and selection for All-District Academic team. However, his passion lies with football itself – his reason for attending Eastern Michigan was specifically because of it!

Net Worth

Thayer was an active investor, both in stocks and bonds. His name can be found attached to several companies such as American Bell Telephone and Telegraph, United States Steel, Old Colony Steamboat, Eastern Railroad (Weis folder), as well as others. His investment career proved immensely successful – becoming one of the cornerstones in bringing fame and wealth to his family name.

He was a beloved figure in high society, entertaining prominent families from Boston to New York and Newport. A passionate deep sea angler himself, Cornelia Barroll Thayer and Thayer had three daughters who all married into wealthy families after his death at age 62 in 1918 – their assets estimated to total nearly $16 Million!

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