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At a time when many things are only happening digitally, receiving a birth card is something very special. In the following lines you can find out how to write one, what to watch out for and when it will be sent.

Card motif for a birth card
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How do you write a birth card?

The birth of a child is always a unique and special experience. And of course the new parents want to share this with all relatives, friends and many acquaintances. Send lovingly designed birth cards for this purpose. The baby with you as parents is of course primarily suitable as a motif. With the invitation card you let all important people know about the great event of your family. The big advantage is that you no longer have to call every single one of them. This saves you a lot of time and can use it for other purposes instead.

What is noted on the birth card?

In addition to a picture of the newborn and the parents, some important data can also be noted on the birth card, such as:

  • the birthday
  • the weight of the child
  • the time of birth
  • your own address
  • the size of the baby and
  • if already taken the name of the child

In any case, the address should be noted so that all invited persons know where the baby shower is taking place. In addition, many of them usually want to give something. And if the offspring still needs some rest, the presents are sent by post instead.

When are birth cards sent?

As the name suggests, a birth card is sent after the birth of a child. Please note, however, that Swiss Post may need a few days to send the card. If it is an invitation, it should therefore always be sent a few days or, better still, a few weeks before the respective day to be on the safe side. In this way you are on the safe side and ensure that all invitations reach the invited guests on time. It will be similar later if you decide to send a thank you for the kind greetings and gifts.

Baby feet newborn
Image: © jchizhe / Adobe Stock

By the way: Nowadays, the photo cards no longer have to be printed out on your own. Instead, simply choose the design you want and go to an online print shop. Here posters, canvases and birth cards are produced very quickly and, above all, cheaply. From a certain order value, there are also no shipping costs. It is therefore worthwhile to place a large order.

In the various online print shops you can make many different settings and create the perfect birth cards for your purposes with a lot of card love. It is best to sit down with your partner in peace and then decide together what you like. It is also important to select the appropriate photo and the desired information that should be on the card.

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