Blessing or curse for parents?


Sleeping parents and children in one bed is called a family bed. All nights are spent there together – and in the extra large bed, all family members have the opportunity to cuddle together. This form of sleep design is becoming more popular from year to year. More and more families are opting for the family bed, as it makes the nights quieter and more relaxed. Critics, on the other hand, emphasize the potentially disturbed privacy of the parents. The frequent worry of “never” getting the children out of the marriage bed is a recurring issue. Is the family bed a blessing or a curse? Let’s take a closer look …

The family bed is often created unconsciously

Seldom everyone agrees on questions of upbringing. Every family has its own family rhythm, rules and values. The topic of the family bed has also led to controversial discussions. However, the popularity of the family bed is steadily increasing. In many cases, however, the shared sleeping area is a coincidence. When a baby is born, it needs one thing above all – a lot of closeness. Especially at night, newborns often feel lonely and alone in their own bed. Because the constant waking up of the baby, the sleep of the new parents is enormously disturbed, many parents bring their baby straight to bed. And the family bed is created. When big siblings crawl into the parents’ bed, the family is complete in bed.

“Yes” to sleeping together with the children

The advantages of the family bed are obvious for the practicing family. As soon as one of the children wakes up, maybe even cries because they had a bad dream, the parents are immediately on hand. They don’t have to get up because they’re all in the same bed. The child is quickly calmed down and everyone finds their way back to sleep. The nocturnal interruptions are therefore significantly shorter. Even if the baby needs to be fed, you can simply pull him close to breastfeed, or feed the bottle in bed. In surveys on the topic, many families report that their bond with the children is growing stronger. Both sides enjoy the extra portion of cuddles. Parents, like children, find the family bed to be an enrichment. Of course, there must be enough space in the bed for this effect.

In the video: a night with baby!

Family bed options: as flexible as every family wants

When it comes to the look of the family bed, there are no limits to creativity. The variants are diverse and can be tailored to the individual wishes of the family. It is possible to place the children’s beds next to the parents’ bed (right and left). So everyone has their place in bed and yet everyone sleeps together in one room. The next variant would be to assemble two large beds (e.g. 1.40mx 2.00m) next to each other – creating space for one child and one parent. In the age of DIY, many families build their own personal night camp. The dimensions are completely flexible and freely selectable.

Tip: Pinterest has lots of great ideas for building a large family bed or decorating the family bed.

Arguments of the critics and reasons against the family bed

Of course, there are also voices that speak out against the family bed. They point out that parents no longer have any privacy in the family bed. Of course, that’s true to a certain extent. However, parents can also sleep snuggled together in a family bed. Sex life, on the other hand, cannot of course be lived out in a family bed. For this, parents have to create other places and situations. But many parents also report their experiences in this regard and openly tell that their sex life does not suffer from the family bed.

Targeting situations and places for yourself romantic activities creating can even provide new and exciting impulses for a couple.

If you keep in mind that a family bed won’t be set in stone forever, most parents can handle it quite well. Sometimes the nocturnal nest is only opened in particularly tense situations. Basically, it is usually the case that even the children demand a certain amount of freedom at some point if parents should have missed this “jump”. The family bed is on the one hand very useful and efficient, and also creates closeness and familiarity within the family, which can be very helpful in conflict situations. To exclude all the advantages from the outset without having tried it would simply be a shame.


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