Bobnet Touring

Tour management is often built on reputation, so finding one through friends’ bands or professional networks may provide better candidates and smoother processes.

Or you could sign up for mailing lists like Bobnet that will notify you of touring jobs; just keep in mind that some may require falsifying resumes or experience.

Professional Career

Tour managers serve as human resources departments on the road, overseeing crew dynamics and making sure everyone feels included, heard and appreciated. They need both technical (scheduling, budgeting and booking) as well as soft skills such as communication, teamwork, patience and empathy to do this job properly.

Signing up for mailing lists like Bobnet can be an excellent way to secure gigs. Bobnet sends out emails like, “English band seeks two tour managers for four week US and Canada tour in September”. Each gig may come with specific requirements, though sometimes you might have to alter your resume slightly in order to qualify – just don’t post these gigs directly onto websites like your website or social media pages as Bobnet is an exclusive community that won’t tolerate that behavior!

Personal Life

Touring is a community. Tour pros often take turns helping out their fellow tour members when in need, such as taking over for bands without an LD on tour or sharing resources such as Bobnet (which lists gigs and opportunities) with one another. Other websites used by touring pros include Pollstar, Yelp, Seat Guru and Tour Supply which provide useful information like food options, hotel listings and airline frequent flier programs; in addition to handy tools like flashlights and Pelican cases as well as discounts for merchandise and flights.

Net Worth

Bobnet Touring, an Instagram comedian with over 320,000 followers on the platform. In addition, he regularly appears in TV shows and sports commentating circles and his fame and fortune have helped amass an estimated net worth of $6 Million as of 2023.

Net worth refers to the sum total of an individual’s assets subtracted from any debts and liabilities they owe – be they mortgage, car loan payments or credit card balances. Understanding a person’s net worth is vitally important in understanding their overall financial health and status.

As it can vary depending on market fluctuations and other factors, it’s wise to monitor one’s net worth regularly for updates and information. As such, it would be prudent to regularly stay abreast of your net worth figures and updates.

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