Books Like The Dao Of Magic

Books Like the Dao of Magic

There are many different books like the Dao of Magic, but what makes them so good? The most well-known ones are Empress Jade and Commander Wei, Runemarks, and Song of the Crimson Flower. But there are many more books that are equally useful. You might be surprised how many people read these books without knowing what they’re talking about. So how do you choose which one to read?

Song of the Crimson Flower

Fans of Chinese fiction will likely enjoy the Song of the Crimson Flower by Yen-Ming Tsai. This story continues the adventures of the young Feng Lu and his friend Bao, as they fight against the forces of evil and bloodpox. The plot is engaging enough to make readers want more. Though it’s written as a stand-alone novel, fans should consider reading it before the Rise of the Empress series. This novella is an excellent way to relive the characters from the first book, the Forest of a Thousand Lanterns.

Julie C. Dao captures a distinct cadence in her writing, making Song of the Crimson Flower a stand-alone YA fantasy. It alternates between Bao and Lan’s perspectives to trace their journey across a continent. Lan and Bao must find a way to free Bao’s soul from the curse placed on it by the flute. The plot of the book is complex and gripping, and the author does an excellent job of making her characters believable.

Empress Jade and Commander Wei

“The Rise of the Empress” is a novella from the Rise of the Empire series, and follows the adventures of Lan and Bao. Their friendship proves to be more valuable than blood, and their love grows. It’s a beautiful story about love and overcoming adversity, but the characters do have a few hiccups along the way.

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