Can a settlement be contested?

Can a settlement be contested?

BGHZ 28, 171: Title. Whether a trial settlement is void or contestable for factual reasons can be clarified by continuing the previous legal dispute if the assertion of nullity or the contestability of the termination of the legal dispute is called into question by the settlement.

Who bears the costs in an inheritance dispute?

Since an inheritance dispute is usually a long-term matter and the heir is obliged to bear the funeral costs, the office handling the inheritance can take the costs for the funeral of the testator from his estate and transfer them to the city.

Who bears the costs of a maintenance claim?

Costs of an alimony lawsuit The legal and court fees incurred in a maintenance lawsuit are based on the annual amount of the maintenance claimed with the lawsuit. The losing party also pays these costs. In the case of a comparative agreement, the costs are usually shared.

Who bears the costs in family court?

This means that the court costs are shared between the spouses, and each party has to bear the legal costs themselves. On the other hand, in proceedings regarding child or spousal support and in proceedings for the equalization of accrued gains, the loser of the process must bear the entire costs.

Who pays the costs of an application for an amendment?

Opposite party bears legal and court costs: If you successfully enforce the amendment of the maintenance title, the maintenance agreement or the youth welfare office certificate in court, the opposite party must bear all court and legal costs.

How much does a maintenance claim in court cost?

Amount in dispute EUR 10,500 (12 x 750 = 9,000 + 1500) causes EUR 1,588.65 in attorney fees. The court costs amount to EUR 657.00. Legal fees for alimony are therefore regulated by law and controllable.

How much does a maintenance title cost?

As a parent who is responsible for maintenance, you can also recognize your maintenance obligation at the youth welfare office, regardless of any agreement on the consequences of a divorce. They also create such a maintenance title, especially one that costs nothing. You save yourself a legal dispute.

How can I have the maintenance checked?

You can also hire a lawyer to check, calculate and collect child support, but of course you will then have to bear these costs. Counseling help is often refused because the courts point out that the youth welfare office works free of charge.

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