Can I Give Zakat To My Father In Law

The question of can I give zakat to my father in law is a common one among Muslims. While it is not forbidden to give zakat to a father in law, you may be confused as to how to do it. Basically, you can give zakah to a poor person if his wife is not deserving of it or if he is not a Muslim.

The first thing you need to know is who can be considered a poor person. The word “poor” can be confusing. You need to determine the level of poverty by calculating his income, age and nisab of udhiyyah. In Islam, someone with nisab of udhidhiyyah is poor and deserving of zakat.

Zakat is required from a Muslim if he is living with another person, except for his father. The Islamic Law teaches that a Muslim must give zakat to a person within his immediate family. The rules for giving zakat to a family member are straightforward and are not complicated. If you want to be a good Muslim, you should make zakat to your father in law.

If your father is living under a government flat or receiving state support from the mother, you should search for a poor person and give him zakat. This will help strengthen your bond with your mother in law, and will benefit you and your son. A close relative is a worthy recipient of zakat. And if he is not, you can give zakaah to him.

If you have a son in law who is not doing well financially, you can still give zakat to him. This will strengthen your bond and help him in his need. Your daughter in law is also a good beneficiary. You should not give zakat to your daughter in laws. Your daughter-in-law should only get it if your son-in-law is not a Muslim.

In case your father-in-law is a Muslim, he can also give you zakat. In fact, you can give him zakat if he is a Muslim. Just remember that this is a gift, not a charity. If you cannot afford to give it to your father in law, you should not give zakat to him. It is a sin to pay zakat for him if he is not a Muslim.

As far as the law is concerned, a person’s father-in-law has no rights to receive zakat from his father-in-law. But he has a right to receive zakat from his spouse. Similarly, if his son-in-law has a daughter-in-law, he can give a zakah to her.

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