How long can the review and correction take?

How long can the review and correction take?

This promotes bargaining power when the professor suddenly goes loafing. “In my view, the correction time should be four to a maximum of eight weeks,” says Braun.

How long does a final exam take?

Anything between an average of 3 and 6 hours is possible. The written exams of all exam subjects extend over a period of up to 2 weeks. Of course, you will find out beforehand how long each test will take.

How long does the Abitur exam last?

Subject-specific, differentiated regulations were made for the duration of the exams in the Abitur, which in practical implementation lead to the following total working times: English and French 270 minutes (LK) and 240 minutes (GK); Mathematics 270 minutes (LK) and 225 minutes (GK); German 270 minutes (LK) and …

How long does the math Abi take?

Working hours. The total working time for part A of the examination is 90 minutes, for part B a total of 180 minutes. Only the tasks of the respective part of the examination are processed; the tasks for the other part of the examination are not available to the students.

How long does the English Abi take?

This corresponds to about 4:15 hours plus 30 minutes of selection time for the LK and 3 hours plus 30 minutes of selection time for the GK. The duration of the written Abitur examinations could vary between the individual federal states.

How long does the Abitur NRW comprehensive school take?

The Abitur is usually acquired after 9 years. The comprehensive school includes classes 5 to 10 in the lower secondary level and the three-year upper secondary level in the upper secondary level (introductory phase and two-year qualification phase).

How long does the Abitur take in NRW?

In NRW you can graduate from high school in 8 years. The 10th, 11th and 12th grade count as high school, but only the grades from the 11th

How long 2 foreign languages ​​for Abitur NRW?

Pupils who had lessons in a second foreign language from grades 6 to 10 have fulfilled the compulsory requirements for the second foreign language. Pupils who have studied a second foreign language from Year 8 must continue this until the end of 11 (Spanish or Latin in our case).

How long do you have to have a second foreign language?

For the Abitur you need a second foreign language for 4 years or if you do the Abitur at the vocational high school and did not have a second foreign language before, the 3 years that you study the second foreign language at the vocational high school are sufficient.

How long 2 foreign languages ​​for Abitur BW?

Take a foreign language with you up to the 12th grade. You can only change it in the 10th grade – but then you have to bring this language up to the Abi level as a 2nd foreign language in 3 years.

When can I deselect the second foreign language?

Pupils who have been studying a second foreign language since the 6th grade can opt out of it in NDS from the 11th grade.

When can I deselect French?

Re: Deselect French? He can opt out of French after the 9th grade.

Can you drop Latin after the 9th grade?

If you drop Latin after the 9th grade, you don’t have a Latinum and have to choose another foreign language by the end of the 12th grade. Alternatively, you can deselect Latin after class 10, have the small Latinum and only have to keep German and English until you graduate.

Can you opt out of math?

Unlike in the past, you can no longer deselect math, but have to take it for three or four hours until you graduate from high school.

Can you graduate without math?

If you don’t want to take a high school diploma in German or math, you can take the oral exam in certain combinations. If students want to avoid math, they have to choose two natural sciences instead and take their written exam in German.

What do you have to write in the Abi?

In the compulsory area, you have to take and bring in the subjects math and German in all four HJs. You also have to take religion or ethics, as well as history + social studies, for all 4 HJ, but only the 3 best are counted in the Abitur calculation.

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