Can you study social work without a high school diploma?

Can you study social work without a high school diploma?

Business economist or specialist IHK has further training, who can study social work at distance universities such as the IUBH or Onlineplus without further detours. Because with the qualification of the specialist IHK or a passed master’s examination, the higher education entrance qualification and thus the admission to study usually go hand in hand.

How do I become a social worker without a high school diploma?

At the IUBH, you can also study social work for a bachelor’s degree without a high school diploma. But you should either have completed vocational training and at least 3 years of professional experience, or have completed specialist training, e.g. master craftsman or IHK further training.

How to become a social worker

Social workers and social pedagogues provide educational and counseling work, for example in rehabilitation, in prison facilities or in youth and family welfare. Social workers or

How long does social worker training take?

The course usually lasts 3-4 years and there are two ways in which the course can be structured.

What kind of Abitur do you need to study social pedagogy?

In order to be able to study social pedagogy, you usually need the general university entrance qualification or the advanced technical college entrance qualification. Some colleges or universities also charge a numerus clausus or expect you to include a letter of motivation with your application.

Where are social workers used?

Typical areas of work of social pedagogues are: pedagogical institutions (kindergartens, schools) care facilities. Counseling centers (family counseling) youth centres. health and social welfare offices. social associations.

How does one become a state-approved social worker?

Requirements. For the exercise of the profession of social worker/social pedagogue, a degree in the field of social work is primarily required, which concludes with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

How do I get state recognition?

The applicant has to prove in an examination interview (colloquium) that the goals according to point 3 of the requirements of the DBSH have been achieved. After the successful completion of the colloquium, the state recognition is granted by the responsible state ministry.

How do I become a certified social worker?

In order to obtain a diploma in social pedagogy, a social science degree was necessary, which lasted seven to eight semesters at technical colleges and nine to ten semesters at universities.

Where do I apply for state recognition?

State recognition as an educator is usually to be applied for after completion of training or further education. It is the prerequisite for classification according to the collective agreement. In individual federal states there are regulations on the conditions under which state recognition is granted.

Is social work even a profession?

Of course, social work is a profession, the work of social workers is a profession like any other. As long as we question this – and with it the meaning and value of our work – we are handicapping ourselves.

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