Can you work while studying full-time?

Can you work while studying full-time?

As a working student, you work in a company alongside your studies. During the lecture period you can work a maximum of 20 hours per week. The limit does not apply during the semester break. It is ideal if the content of your tasks is related to your studies.

How much work alongside full-time study?

If you work alongside your studies in a so-called mini job and earn a maximum of 450 euros per month, you pay no taxes and no social security contributions. It is important to note that the EUR 450 limit includes Christmas bonuses, holiday bonuses and other additional benefits paid.

How can I study and work?

Working full-time and studying at the same time: The possibilitiesEvening studies. An evening study is probably the closest to a classic study. distance learning With a distance learning course, students enjoy significantly more flexibility than with a part-time face-to-face course. blended learning. Studies part-time.

What kind of laptop should I buy?

Large laptops for the home should be equipped with at least eight gigabytes (GB) of main memory (RAM), if possible 1000 GB of hard disk space and a graphics card with at least four GB of memory if you play a lot, often edit photos or cut videos.

What do I have to buy for my studies?

EquipmentLaptop. A laptop is indispensable during your studies. pad and pen. For the old-school bunnies among you, a pad and pen are ideal for taking notes in the lectures. bag or backpack. Headphone. Cell phone and charging cable. Coffee mug.

What do you have to do before studying?

Checklist for the first few weeks before the start of your studiesMatriculate by post or on site.Take care of the semester ticket.Submit your enrollment certificate to the necessary authorities (e.g. to the health insurance company) Clarify your living situation.

What do you need to take with you to a university exam?

In any case, you must bring a valid photo ID (identity card or passport) and your student ID with you to the exam for an identity check. As a rule, you will still need writing tools.

What do you need to live as a student?

What is meant by the cost of living?Housing and energy. 667 euros. Food. 204 euros.Clothes. 64 euros.transport. 189 euros. Health. 60 euros.Leisure, entertainment and culture. 166 euros.Furniture and household appliances. 79 euros.Education. 5 euros.

What do I have to consider as a student?

Here is everything you need to do in list form: Get your student ID. Pack your student ticket. Find out about student discounts.

How much money does a student need for food?

On average, students spend around 160 euros a month on food. If you buy groceries mainly from discounters, you can get by with around 100 euros.

What expenses do you have as a student?

Around 87% of students have expenses for a car and/or for public transport (including the semester ticket). On average, an amount of 94 euros per month is incurred for this. An average of 20 euros per month is spent on books, paper and pens.

How much money as a student per month?

Parents should expect around 596 to 1,250 euros per month for living and studying. There are also an average of around 100 travel expenses and 200 euros for groceries. It can quickly become more expensive: If you want to study in a city with over a million inhabitants, you have to reckon with more than 500 euros a month just for the rent.

How long do parents have to pay child support for students?

In principle, parents have to pay maintenance for their children until the end of their studies. The standard period of study is decisive, although in individual cases there may also be a claim for maintenance. In return, students must inform their parents about the progress of their studies.

How much money do my parents have to give me?

Parental support also has limits. You are entitled to a minimum deductible of EUR 1150 each. In addition, there are expenses for trips to work, for old-age provision, for loans or more children.

How much maintenance will my parents have to pay if I move out?

Maintenance: Requirement and calculation according to the Düsseldorf table For adult children who are entitled to cash maintenance and rent their own apartment, or want to rent like you, the maintenance requirement is 670 euros per month, regardless of whether they are schoolchildren, students or trainees. Here are 280 € for accommodation with additional costs and

Are my parents responsible for maintenance if I move out?

But that is not necessarily the case – if an adult child is still going to school, studying or pursuing an apprenticeship, the parents are still obliged to provide maintenance. It is therefore not possible to simply move out and receive maintenance if the parents do not want this.

What do I do if my parents don’t pay child support?

Advance payment procedure for BAföG. If the parents refuse to provide information about their income situation or if they do not pay the maintenance they would have to pay and the education is therefore jeopardized, an application for advance payment (Form 8) should be submitted.

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