Candy Crush Level 149 How To Beat

How to Beat Candy Crush Level 149

There are some tips to help you complete level 149 of Candy Crush Saga. First, start crushing at the bottom of the board, so that you can create a chain reaction that destroys more pieces and gives you more points. Also, try to collect a combination of sprinkle candies and striped candies. Combining these two can help you to get 99 blue candies in only 35 moves. Although this trick requires luck, it is possible to achieve 99 blue candies in just 35 moves.

To beat level 149, it’s important to understand what candies are unique and how to combine them to get maximum points. Try to combine at least four candies from the same color to create striped candies. You can also break down blockers and help you find mammoths by using striped candies.

Boosters are then necessary. These will allow you to earn more lives and get more points. You will also need to keep your boosts in reserve for when you really need them. The coconut wheel is a good booster that you can use before each level begins. You can spin the wheel to create 3 striped candy and gain a bonus life.

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