Charles M Blow Net Worth

Charles M Blow is an American Journalist, Commentator, and Op-Ed Columnist who has made appearances on television networks such as CNN and MSNBC. His writing covers subjects including politics and social justice.

He earned a magna cum laude degree at Grambling State University and has three children. Additionally, he wrote his 2014 autobiography Fire Shut Up in My Bones.

Early Life and Education

Charles M Blow is an American Journalist and political analyst. He writes a column for The New York Times and regularly contributes to MSNBC. Charles has become immensely successful through his career and is highly regarded in his field.

Blow was born in Gibsland, Louisiana and earned a master’s of Arts degree at Grambling State University with high distinction. While studying, he founded and edited-in-chief a student newspaper during his studies. As an enthusiastic writer – with works published by New York Times, National Geographic and Detroit Free Press among many others – his passion for writing was showcased through these efforts.

He is currently divorced but has not disclosed any information regarding his former partner. Interestingly enough, however, he has come out as bisexual; and has two children that reside with his family in Brooklyn, New York.

Professional Career

Charles McRay Blow is an American journalist, commentator, and columnist who frequently appears as a visual op-ed columnist for The New York Times and appears on MSNBC and CNN regularly. Blow holds an honors bachelor of mass communications degree from Grambling State University in Louisiana before working at Detroit News before graduating magna cum laude in 1999.

He is divorced with three children; one attended Yale University.

Charles is also engaged in social activism, fighting for the rights of minorities and women. He enjoys a large following on social media platforms. Charles has published two critically-acclaimed books: Fire Shut Up in My Bones and The Devil You Know: A Black Manifesto. In addition, his columns offer a blend of personal reflections with sociopolitical analysis.

Achievement and Honors

Charles McRay Blow has earned various accolades and awards for his journalism. He serves as a New York Times visual op-ed columnist, has appeared on MSNBC and published the memoir Fire Shut Up in Bones in 2014.

Grambling State University in Louisiana awarded him with their highest academic honours and Kappa Alpha Psi membership, where he became active in social activism advocating for racial and gender equality.

Blow is divorced with three children. His eldest, Tahj, graduated from Yale University. Currently living in Atlanta Georgia and also having an apartment in Brooklyn Borough in New York City; Blow has publicly come out as bisexual while being an outspoken supporter of Democratic politics.

Personal Life

Blow published his memoir Fire Shut Up in My Bones in 2014 and has gone on to appear on various media outlets such as MSNBC and CNN.

New York Times visual op-ed columnist is an enthusiastic traveler and passionate about sports. Currently residing in Brooklyn with his three children.

Social activist Phil Blow is an outspoken proponent for racial justice and gender equality, regularly appearing as a guest on various television programs and regularly hosting the weekly LGBTQ&A interview podcast on Black News Channel. A graduate from Grambling State University in Louisiana, Blow previously worked at The Detroit News.

Net Worth

Charles Blow reportedly makes a considerable annual salary as a journalist and commentator, regularly appearing on CNN and MSNBC and serving as visual op-ed columnist for The New York Times.

His columns offer in-depth and thought-provoking analyses on political issues and social justice derived from personal experiences and sociopolitical analysis. As a result, they have garnered wide popularity and been recognized with various accolades and awards.

Charles Blow has built an acclaimed journalism career while also becoming a best-selling author. His books include Fire Shut Up in My Bones and The Devil You Know: A Black Power Manifesto. Charles enjoys reading and watching movies during his free time; in his spare time he enjoys spending time alone reading or watching films. Since he is divorced and does not share information regarding his children.

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