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Coated tablecloths score with high quality and a perfect look

Each of us has marked important holidays and personal occasions in our calendars, to which we would like to invite guests. As the saying goes, joy shared is joy doubled. That is why we want to celebrate with good friends, colleagues and relatives and experience special moments together. If you are planning a party, a friends get-together, or any other nice event soon, then you need to get everything you need in advance. At such events, even the smallest details are important because they can quickly improve or spoil the party atmosphere. For example, stains on the tablecloth are not a good sign for the organization of the event. But don’t worry, there are high quality coated tablecloths that are stain resistant and easy to care for. These can not only be found in the nearby specialist shop, but can also be ordered online. What you should know about coated tablecloths before you decide to buy them, we report in the following.

Coated tablecloths are made of high-quality and hard-wearing fabrics.

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Things to know about coated tablecloths

You are sure to have come across terms such as coated cotton and oilcloth with regard to coated tablecloths and are feeling a bit confused. Yes, there are great, finely patterned tablecloths made of coated cotton and oilcloth. In order to remove any doubt, we want to shed some light on the darkness and clarify the difference between the two right away.

Coated cotton is a high-quality fabric that is widely used in the production of tablecloths. Pure cotton is coated on one side so that it is water-repellent on the one hand and remains air-permeable on the other. Coated cotton is easy to care for. For example, coated tablecloths made of cotton are absolutely stain-proof and blobs of red wine or leftover food have no chance of leaving stains. In the case of heavy soiling, however, gentle hand washing at a maximum of 30 degrees C is recommended so that the impregnation is not damaged.

The coated cotton tablecloths can be washed at low temperatures.

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Oilcloth is a sturdy fabric that has a smooth and shiny layer made of polyester or PVC. So it is coated with plastic on one side, while the other is made of a cotton blend. Oilcloth has robust properties – is water-repellent, stain-proof, easy to wash off and very hard-wearing. As a result of these characteristics, coated tablecloths made of oilcloth are mainly used outdoors. With such tablecloths you can decorate your garden, patio or balcony table and not worry about their care.

With these checkered table linen you can transform your garden table into a real eye-catcher outdoors.

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What could be decisive for you when buying coated tablecloths?

You can find a wide range of coated tablecloths made of cotton and oilcloth in the online shop of jubelis.de. The following information about the table linen offered could motivate you to buy even more:

  • Wide range of colors and patterns: You can find coated tablecloths in a wide range of colors online. These range from subtle shades such as pastel pink and pigeon blue to cheerful and atmospheric nuances such as honey yellow, wine red and dark green. Even with the patterns, everyone can choose the best for their style and taste. In addition to the classic check and stripe patterns, there are those with unusual geometric figures and floral motifs. Coated tablecloths with a wood look or in a country style are also very much in vogue. However, these do not look out of date under any circumstances. On the contrary, they fit perfectly into every modern lifestyle.

Tablecloths made of coated cotton or oilcloth in premium quality can also meet the highest demands of customers.

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  • Versatile: Coated tablecloths can be used in private households as well as in catering establishments. They always remain stain-resistant and are easy to clean and maintain. They are real helpers, especially at outdoor parties or in restaurants. They do not require a lot of maintenance, but always look sparkling clean.
  • Good price-performance ratio: At Jubelis, they focus on quality and offer high-quality products made in Europe and made up in Germany. Customers can order and buy coated tablecloths by the meter or in rolls. There are discounts of up to 50% for repeat buyers. Everyone can actually find a tempting offer online for their individual needs and specific uses.

A suitable tablecloth for your next celebration at home!

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  • Professional advice and fast delivery: If you have any questions about the products on offer or their delivery, we will be happy to give you expert advice on the phone. Regardless of whether you order table linen according to your own measurements or in standard sizes and shapes, the goods will be delivered to you quickly and safely.

Rely on high quality and don’t save at the wrong end! Research high-quality and inexpensive coated tablecloths online and you are sure to find what you are looking for! You will definitely not regret your purchase decision! We hope you enjoy celebrating indoors and outdoors with stain-proof tablecloths!

You can order luxury tablecloths directly in the online shop.

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