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Collete Davis – Race Car Driver, Stunt Driver, Entrepreneur

She began racing karts at age 15 and soon made an impressionful mark, eventually progressing into open-wheel driving, rallycross and drift competitions.

Pressdog’s 21st Woman is distinguished academically: she skipped sixth grade and graduated high school two years early before winning a scholarship to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Early Life and Education

Collete Davis is an award-winning race car driver, national TV host and entrepreneur. Her accolades span multiple forms of racing: from sports cars and drifting competitions to the newly designed 12,000 lb Wonder Woman Monster Jam truck.

Girl Gang Garage was her own foundation she created to encourage girls into automotive-related fields. She graduated two years early from high school and took college courses that contributed to obtaining 16 credits towards an associate degree in automotive technology.

She currently resides with Adam LZ in Colorado and prefers keeping her personal life private by not sharing details online of any relationships that occur within it. American nationality with Capricorn zodiac sign, in her free time she loves weightlifting, cycling, and CrossFit as hobbies.

Professional Career

Collete Davis is an esteemed race car driver and stunt driver, boasting numerous victories across multiple categories. Additionally, she is actively engaged in supporting charities like Girls Inc. and Women in Sports Tech; co-founding TechDrive; co-hosting TLC’s Girl Starter competition show for female business owners; as well as being an entrepreneur herself by co-founding TechDrive and hosting TLC’s Girl Starter show dedicated to them.

Davis is an undergraduate Mechanical Engineering student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University who has made a name for herself by challenging gender norms in male-dominated industries. She strongly advocates for female empowerment and often visits middle schools to encourage young girls to follow their passions.

Regarding her personal life, the racer remains relatively low-key. She does not appear to have any romantic connections and instead seems focused on her career goals.

Achievement and Honors

Davis has earned numerous recognitions during her racing career. She is one of the highest-ranked female race car drivers globally and hosts an ongoing television program called Girl Starter; additionally she works closely with Microsoft to promote STEM education and women empowerment globally.

Her achievements and accolades have paved the way for female race car drivers aspiring to enter this realm, while her passion for STEM subjects connect with young people.

As well as her professional career, she is actively engaged in charitable endeavors and supports organizations such as Girls Inc and Women in Sports Tech. Her philanthropy has added another level to her public persona; additionally she has spoken at several conferences as a guest speaker – her unique skillset sets her apart from other race car drivers.

Personal Life

Collete Davis is an award-winning professional racecar driver, stunt driver, entrepreneur and national TV host. As an advocate for women in motorsports and STEM studies she also actively works with charitable organizations as she champions gender equality in the workplace.

Her diverse background, entrepreneurial ventures and commitment to philanthropy distinguish her from other racing drivers. She often inspires young people to follow their dreams and overcome any barriers on their path towards achieving success.

She keeps her personal life confidential and does not discuss her relationships openly. At present she is single with no children. She boasts blonde hair and green eyes, 5 feet 5 inches in height with a well-toned body – her net worth estimated at approximately $3 Million.

Net Worth

Collete Davis has quickly made her mark as an accomplished Race Car Driver. Thanks to her exceptional abilities and drive, Collete has become an influential voice within the automotive world and an influential presence globally.

She competes in an array of racing formats, from sports cars and drift competitions to monster trucks and hosts an influential YouTube channel as well as serving as national TV host for TLC’s Girl Starter competition show for female entrepreneurs.

As well as her professional career, she is actively involved in community service and has established a foundation that encourages girls to enter automotive fields. When not at racing events, she spends her free time weightlifting, cycling and participating in CrossFit to stay in peak physical condition.

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