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Colorful DIY egg garland for Easter

Bunte DIY Eiergirlande zu Ostern

After the big spring cleaning before Easter, fans of the Easter bunny big and small are busy: eggs are dyed, the front door is adorned with a wreath made by yourself, the tablecloths are ironed and the apartment is decorated. Of course, nothing is more beautiful than DIY decoration ideas to design yourself. For the feast of the resurrection, I wanted to decorate the kitchen and windows with Easter egg garlands and came up with this simple but chic design.

1. Materials


In order to be able to tinker this pretty Easter egg garland, you need the following materials:

  • patterned craft cardboard in coordinated colors
  • Tapes
  • Natural cord
  • a motif punch
  • Paper for the stencil
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • strong liquid glue

2. Make a template


So that the Easter eggs get the same size and shape, it is helpful to make a template. To do this, I folded simple paper in half and drew half an egg on the folded edge.

3. Lots and lots of colored eggs

Bastelladen gemusterten Karton

I wanted to design my Easter egg garland in a pretty color gradient, for this I had selected patterned cardboard in brown, dark green, light green, yellow, orange, red and purple in the craft shop. The pattern of the paper sheets can easily differ, I decided on checks, stripes and hearts.


I then cut four eggs out of each cardboard box with the help of my template. I wanted to make four garlands and use an egg of each color for each Easter egg garland. Of course, you can also use all the eggs for a single long garland.

4. The garland is made

Girlande ostern deko ideen

For the string for the garland, I used natural string in a pale shade of yellow. First I applied a strip of strong liquid glue to a paper egg, pressed the cord as horizontally as possible and then fixed the natural cord with a short piece of patterned tape. The ribbon is not only decorative, but also gives the cord more hold.

blüten aus weißem Bastelkarton ostern deko ideen

When gluing the natural string, I made sure that the pencil marks were on the back of the egg and that I glued the string to the top half of the egg, so the eggs wouldn’t tip over later, and I also glued the eggs at the same distance. Next, I punched flowers out of white cardboard with a motif punch.

Eierbecher basteln osterdeko selber machen girlande

Eierbecher basteln osterdeko selber machen girlande ideen

I then glued the white flowers to the middle of the tape. Finally, I cut off the natural cord and knotted loops at the ends. My Easter egg garland now only had to dry. So that the eggs wouldn’t fall off, I put the garland on its side and waited half an hour for the glue to dry completely before hanging it up.

5. Decorate the apartment

osterdeko ideen girlande für ostern basteln

Girlande basteln Frühling Osterdekoration

When my garlands were dry, I was finally able to decorate my apartment for Easter. I especially enjoyed choosing the right place for the Easter egg garlands. The garlands can be hung by the loops on nails in the wall or attached to the window frame with adhesive tape. For more great craft ideas, visit my blog DIY Decoration Ideas! Have fun making things and have a nice Easter!

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