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Concrete look floor tiles – robustness and aesthetics in one

Precisely. Because in this article we want to give you some practical tips and hope that you will be happy to follow them. Stick with it because it is going to be really interesting!
When building a house or even renovating an old property, you don’t always immediately think about the floor design. For many homeowners, this is not the first place on their to-do list. But that should be completely different, because the floor design in your home is particularly important. The look of the floor also largely determines the interior design of the rooms. So you have to pay enough attention to what type of flooring you choose for inside and outside.

tile-in-concrete look

Robustness and aesthetics go hand in hand here

In this regard, we would just like to confirm the trend that porcelain stoneware coverings have become very popular in recent years. They are enjoying growing popularity. Floor tiles with a concrete look are in great demand. Without a doubt, they are effective, expressive and trendy and can easily be inscribed in any ambience. There is currently a wide range of products on the market, so you have to choose from a huge range. The variety of formats and sizes of the concrete-look floor tiles leave many design options open. They combine robustness and longevity with aesthetics and charm in living space design in a wonderful way and guarantee you the desired visual effect. But one thing is certain: you will never regret your decision in favor of floor tiles with a concrete look!


The concrete-look floor tiles are effective, expressive and trendy!

concrete tiles

They win hearts with their appealing aesthetics and high durability

If we have aroused your interest in concrete-look floor tiles and you would like to find out more about their different sizes, colors and patterns, then you can click here right away and find out everything you need to know online. Franke Raumwelt can never disappoint you! But on the contrary! Here you will definitely find what your heart desires when it comes to floor tiles!


Concrete-look floor tiles in various sizes, patterns and colors are available

concrete tiles

Thanks to the concrete tiles, every room has a uniform and modern look

We just want to mention a few more advantages of concrete-look floor tiles. First and foremost, these tiles are wonderful “all-rounders”, which means they have a wide range of uses. For example, they fit perfectly into the entrance area of ​​every apartment, which actually represents the transition between inside and outside. In principle, a high level of surefootedness is expected there. You enter this area first, a lot of dirt usually collects there, so floor tiles with a concrete look are very suitable here. Firstly, they are easy to care for and secondly – with an extra non-slip surface. This avoids any risk of slipping, which is extremely positive for everyone in the house. Concrete-look floor tiles are resistant to frost, moisture and cold. For this reason, these tiles can also be used outdoors, where they can withstand the various weather conditions and temperature fluctuations without any problems.


Outside, the concrete-look floor tiles look simply enchanting!

concrete look

They are the best possible choice for the garden, because these tiles can easily withstand temperature fluctuations and various weather conditions

Concrete-look floor tiles are also very popular because of their appealing aesthetics. They give every ambience an urban flair, emphasize the modern country house style, the Scandinavian minimalism or the elegance of your bath or spa area. They are available in a variety of colors, so you would certainly be spoiled for choice with this wide range of colors. It ranges from very light, almost white shades to natural concrete nuances to strong steel gray, mud and earth colors. There is something for every style and taste.


It is a perfect solution to use these tiles in the kitchen and living room

tile-in-concrete look

Because of their surefootedness, they are very suitable for public spaces

So far, have we listed enough arguments why you have to choose concrete-look floor tiles? You are certainly already convinced of their qualities. You have to make the final decision yourself, depending on your personal wishes, preferences and individual needs. Regardless of which living area you want to cover with these tiles, one thing is very clear: you can’t go wrong with these tiles, you can only introduce more aesthetics into your own four walls. And that will pay off several times over in the years to come!


Messenger tiles are currently very much in vogue

living space design

They give the living room design a special charm … ..

living room floor tiles concrete look

…. And emphasize the style of the ambience


Resistant to moisture, cold and frost, the concrete tiles are a successful variant for your outdoor area

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