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Cool ideas for concrete in the bathroom – strict and sophisticated aesthetics in one

In the past, concrete was used almost exclusively in ultra-modern and futuristic designs, as well as in industrial spaces. As the popularity of this material increases, so does the range of its uses.

With it, interior design ideas are realized in different styles in a striking and varied way. You can also benefit from the advantages of concrete in the bathroom. It creates an elegant appearance with industrial touches.

Today we want to describe some design options with concrete in bathroom design. Also have a few helpful tips!

Badezimmergestaltung in Beton

Bathroom design in concrete is characterized by rigor and sophisticated aesthetics

Title: cool ideas concrete in the bathroom strict upscale aesthetics When concrete washbasins match wall and floor tiles

The area by the sink

Concrete is perfect for the area by the sink. It looks very interesting in connection with some elements in the classic style. For example, the combination of concrete slabs and mirrors is exciting and stylish.

Beton am Waschbecken

Striking and varied – concrete on the sink

For this purpose, however, specially processed concrete is used, which is much lighter. Nevertheless, the structure and thus the desired aesthetics are retained.

Freestanding concrete bathtub

If you want to add an interesting accent made of concrete, you can incorporate a freestanding bathtub. It works best in neutrally designed bathrooms because, thanks to its color, it practically dissolves in them and yet contributes to the enrichment of the texture.

Waschtisch könnte auch aus Beton

The whole vanity could also be made out of concrete and inscribe itself excellently into the bathroom design

Concrete and wood

Do you want to integrate the concrete within a high-contrast concept? You can achieve this by combining concrete and wood. The juxtaposition is fabulous because it is done on the level of both color and texture. The ambience is stylish and warm at the same time.

Beton im Baddesign graue Farbpalette
Concrete can be paired with another natural material, namely wood!

The surface treatment

The surface treatment is crucial for the concrete. Although it appears very solid and uniform, this material is very porous. So it needs special protection so that the original aesthetics are preserved. Proper cleaning is vital. It should be PH neutral, otherwise the surface will be ruined.

Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles are becoming increasingly popular in bathroom design. They are processed very differently, can appear rougher and more industrial or smoother. We can of course combine different types with one another within the framework of a greater wealth of textures in space.

Bodenfliesen in Betonoptik minimalistisch industrieller Stil

Industrial-style bathroom – gray dominates this bathroom, concrete bathtub and concrete-look floor tiles

Different colors

The previous examples related to bathroom furnishings with concrete in its natural color. The new technologies offer quite a bit of variety in terms of shades. All variants of blue and gray look particularly beautiful. With these, the natural character of the material comes into its own and yet the colors wonderfully enliven the ambience.

coole Ideen Beton im Bad

Concrete in shades of blue – a striking material for the bathroom

coole Ideen Beton im Bad Wandnische Kosmetik

Concrete is widely used in interior design these days, including in the bathroom.

coole Ideen Beton im Bad 1

Simple industrial design in the bathroom

coole Ideen große Betonfliesen

Tiles in wood and concrete look characterize this bathroom design

coole Ideen Beton im Baddesign

An elegant freestanding bathtub in a concrete-look bathroom

coole Ideen Beton im Bad 2

The concrete vanity goes well with this somewhat colorful bathroom design

coole Ideen Beton im Baddesign Fliesen als Beton

You can currently find various floor and wall tiles as luxurious concrete imitations in specialist shops and create a bathroom design according to your taste

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