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Damask pattern in wall design

The Damask design goes back to its city of origin, Damask. Textiles of this type have been produced there for several centuries. Stylized floral patterns are carried out in parallel vertical rows. Furthermore, the curved, tangled lines are typical of the Damask pattern. The Damask look brings a strong exotic note into the interior and makes it look romantic.


Wallpapers in Damask design in navy blue and white make every bathroom something very special

The Damask look combines two colors – one for the background and one for the pattern.


The classic black and white color duo dominates the room’s appearance, including the damask design on the wall design

There are no other restrictions on the surface treatment or the choice of shades.

We see two main trends in modern design. With one you rely on the bright contrasts and with the other you opt for the neutral look.

damask pattern wall bedroom

There is a well-developed trend in modern room design – contrasting colors are used

red damask wall design

Red and white in the Damask wall design

brown-and-gold damask pattern

Brown and gold is an excellent color combination


Gray is the new black and is widely used in wall design, including in the bathroom

When it comes to the high-contrast variants, we are mostly dealing with the following combinations: black-white, red-blue, blue-green, black-gold.

With the neutral variants, you could allow small deviations between the color of the background and the pattern. Above all, it is important that the patterns come into their own.

Suitable styles for the Damask look in the interior design

If you are really skillful, you can introduce the damask look in different styles. But, as a rule, it is not as universal and adaptable as many others. We would recommend that you use the Damask look primarily for the following styles: classic, modern, art deco.

damask pattern

Damask patterns prevail in this exotic and romantic interior The damask pattern as an accent

The Damask patterns can also be used to create bold accents in a huge room. We can also use it to highlight certain areas, such as kitchen niches or other specific architectural elements. In this sense, they are ideal for larger, multifunctional interiors, which the conservative interior design goes well with.

wall damask design ideas

A neutral appearance is preferred in many cases

children's room-with-wall-tattoos-in-damask-optics

Freshen up the wall design in the children’s room with wall tattoos in Damask look

Explore the other photos in our picture gallery and get new inspiration for your wall design with Damask patterns!


An accent wall with damask patterns


Create a raised interior design

exotic-and-romance damask wall

xotics and romance go hand in hand

living room-attic-damask

Or bring a dreamy note into the interior

damask wallpaper ideas

Rely on contrasts


Good idea – discreetly used Damask design in the hallway

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