Damn Shawty You Live Like This Meme

The “Damn Shawty You Live Like This Meme” is a popular internet joke, made popular by users who find it hilarious and disgusting. It uses a crude cartoon drawing of a man having oral sex with the text “Damn shawty, you live like this!” The original post was made in 2014, and it became widely popular in 2020. It’s a sexually explicit image, and many people have taken to creating a parody of it.

Rihanna and Drake have a long history together. The couple’s recent announcement of their pregnancy and their impending Take Care 2 has caused Twitter to trend with references to the rap superstar. The rumors started on Sunday when the couple revealed that they are expecting a baby. On Monday, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky announced their pregnancy, and a fictitious sequel has been trending on Twitter.

The pregnancy news from Rihanna and A$AP Rocky was shared worldwide, and Drake and Rihanna were among the first to react to the news. The rumors about a Take Care 2 sequel went viral, and Drake’s post remained a top trend on Twitter. The two had a long history of collaborating, and their pregnancy announcement sent fans on a teary-eyed ride.

Following the birth of Rihanna and A$AP Rocky, the rap star’s tweet trended alongside Rihanna’s, and the song “Take Care” by Drake topped the charts. Despite their long history of working together, the couple also share a long-standing history. After announcing the couple’s news of their baby, Twitter was abuzz with speculation about a possible Take Care sequel.

After the Rihanna-A$AP Rocky pregnancy announcement, Drake and Rihanna were also trending on Twitter. Both artists have a long history together, and their recent pregnancies have only served to make their relationship even more sexy. Similarly, their hypothetical Take Care sequel also became a trend on Twitter, as did the potential Take Care 2 reboot of the famous rap duo.

The tweets continued to be funny, and Rihanna and Drake are both famous for their long-running relationship. Their relationship is well-known, and Twitter users reacted by tagging Rihanna and Drake on Twitter. The couple’s pregnancy announcement was confirmed on Monday, and the meme was trending with the couple’s history. They are very close, and their history has made it a logical choice for a sequel.

In the wake of the Rihanna-Drake pregnancy announcement, Drake and Rihanna have also trended on Twitter. The two have a long history together, and the hypothetical Take Care 2 would have a lot of fans. Their relationship has been deemed as hot on social media, with the pair reportedly dating since 2012. In fact, Twitter has even become a popular platform for tweets about the couple’s history. It’s no surprise that they’re now expecting a baby.

Twitter users were also speculating about a hypothetical Take Care 2 after the pregnancy announcement from A$AP Rocky and Rihanna. The two have a history together, and it’s not surprising that they’d become parents. Despite their long-standing relationship, they’ve been trending on Twitter as of late. On Monday, they announced they’re expecting their first child. If it’s true, the couple will give a new baby together.

The couple has a long history together. Their recent pregnancy announcement made the two’s relationship and romantic history trending on Twitter. Their relationship is well known and has been filmed in various countries around the world. The hypothetical Take Care 2 movie is a popular topic on Twitter. After the birth of the child, the couple announced that they’d married in the future. Their love affair was so intense that their marriage lasted for nearly 15 years, and they’d probably have kids together in the future.

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