Dan Deegan

Dan Deegan

Daniel Deegan is an accomplished attorney who specializes in Industrial Development Agency and Municipal Incentives Law. As part of Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz Mineo Cohn & Terrana located in Uniondale.

Deegan admitted knowingly aiding in Wenell’s kidnap and second-degree murder by driving him from Red Lion bar and providing transportation. When confronted by prosecutor, Deegan conceded to intentionally aiding these crimes by driving away with Wenell before his abduction and beating. The prosecutor asked Deegan if he realized driving from Red Lion was aiding and abetting of Wenell’s abduction and beating. Deegan answered “yes”.

Early Life and Education

Dan dedicated his life to serving God and Jesus Christ. He was an active member of Manteca First Assembly of God Church (later to be Modesto Covenant Church), where he joined men’s prayer groups and choir. Additionally, Dan taught in Modesto City Schools before teaching water color at Modesto Junior College for over 40 years.

He is the heir to an estate valued at more than $2 billion and holds extensive business interests including property management, manufacturing company operations and real estate development agencies. Additionally, he enjoys fishing and hunting in his free time as well as being involved with Rotary Club and Boys and Girls Club membership.

Professional Career

Deegan was an esteemed freestyle motocross competitor and racing driver. He competed in 10 X Games, winning 10 medals-including two gold ones-including being the first person ever to perform a twisting backflip 360 in competition.

He has competed in multiple off-road racing events and won championships in the Pro Lite Unlimited and Pro 2 classes of the Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series, in addition to participating in the Race of Champions.

This year alone, he has visited Victory Lane twice at seven K&N West races – most recently on June 7 at Colorado National Speedway Dirt Track where he bumped and spun Derek Kraus to win. Although receiving plenty of social media backlash over this action, he did not bow down to critics or bow under.

Achievement and Honors

Deegan is widely recognized as one of the premier riders in freestyle motocross. He has graced numerous motorcycle magazines’ covers – such as Transworld MX and Racer X – as well as video games like 2004’s Freekstyle and 2000’s Supercross.

Deegan injured himself while under-rotating a backflip 360 over a 100-ft snow double during filming for MTV series Viva La Bam in 2005, leading to broken femur, both wrists, and an extensive scar spanning his hip to belly button.

Dan is currently studying biology with minors in Chemistry and History, working in the Cordes lab studying ocean acidification effects on marine algae such as Lophelia pertusa and Callogorgia sp. After graduation he plans on pursing his master’s or PhD degree related to biology.

Personal Life

Donna Deegan, a former news anchor and breast cancer awareness activist, ran for mayor in Jacksonville with the promise to provide law enforcement officers with all of the resources they require in order to keep the city secure.

Lebanese in origin, she takes great interest in women’s issues. An active member of the DONNA Foundation which raises funds for breast cancer research and education programs.

Deegan entered guilty pleas in November 2000 to aiding and abetting kidnapping and second-degree murder charges, yet claimed his guilty pleas were neither accurate, voluntary, or intelligent. Postconviction relief was denied as it would lead to manifest injustice; Deegan has yet to appeal this ruling.

Net Worth

Deegan offers Hevy Hitters clothing and toy lines which are sold at retail locations like Walmart. He teamed up with Illektron to develop Battlez FMX, a collectible card and dice game. In addition, Deegan founded Metal Mulisha as well as owning an FMX park named the Compound.

Mr. Pugh is also an accomplished motocross rider, winning several championship titles over time and amassing an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million.

He is married to Marissa and has two children: Haiden and Hudson. Marissa is Brian Deegan’s daughter, so has an incredible amount of talent and works hard towards reaching her goals – an excellent role model and source of inspiration for her children! Many aspire to live the lifestyle that Marissa enjoys today!

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