Dan Hourihan

Dan Hourihan

Early Life and Education

Mary Catherine Daly Hourihan was born in Nebraska on May 5, 1926 to Leo and Madeline Daly and had 6 siblings including Leo Jr Daly, William Daly and 4 others. Unfortunately she passed away at Texas on April 15, 2006 at age 79.

He earned both his Bachelor’s and Juris Doctorate from Northeastern University. Now an associate judge at Taunton District Court and previously working with Bristol County District Attorney’s Office as part of their Homicide and Major Case Units,

He is actively involved with youth sports and the Taunton Food Pantry. Additionally, he serves on the board of Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce.

Professional Career

Dan Hourihan is an associate justice of Taunton District Court where he serves on both Homicide and Major Crime Units, youth sports programs and the Taunton Food Pantry. Additionally, he has long and distinguished service to mountain rescue that spans 33 years as team member and 14 as director. Furthermore, since 2003 Angiolino Binelli, President of International Federation for Alpine Rescue described him as an extraordinary individual with mountain rescue in their DNA who represents courage, altruism and selflessness commitment – qualities which Angiolino described him as an extraordinary individual in mountain rescue who represents United States delegate to International Alpine Rescue Commission as well.

Achievement and Honors

In May, he received the Eoin McKiernan Achievement Award from the Irish American Cultural Institute of Rochester and played a pivotal role in securing funding for featured speakers as well as receiving support from organizations like Friendly Sons of St. Patrick, Max and Marian Farash Foundation and Seton Catholic School Foundation. Furthermore, he serves as trustee for Rochester chapter of Irish American Heritage Foundation as well as having previously served boards like Community Child Care Center, House of Mercy and Volunteer Legal Services Project.

In 2011, Hourihan received the Silver Plaque, an international prize of solidarity established 43 years earlier by Angiolino Binelli to recognize and honour extraordinary men with mountains in their DNA who demonstrate passion, courage, altruism and resourcefulness in service to others. Hourihan currently works at Taunton District Court as an Associate Justice.

Personal Life

At Taunton District Court, he preside over both Homicide and Major Crime Units as an associate justice. When not sitting as judge, Angiolino Binelli enjoys participating in youth sports leagues as a coach or volunteer and working at Taunton Food Pantry as United States delegate for International Alpine Rescue Commission since 2003. Binelli has also been described by Angiolino Binelli as having mountain rescue written into his DNA – described by him as someone “where courage, altruism and resourcefulness come together perfectly”.

He resides in Bridgewater, Massachusetts with his wife and three children.

Net Worth

Dan was an avid sports fan and enjoyed attending his grandchildren’s sporting events. Additionally, he enjoyed golfing at his Florida home. Dan leaves his wife Patricia Hourihan, daughter Shawn Hourihan and son Erin LeColst as well as granddaughter Emma LeColst behind; sister Rheal Martel of Cornwall Ontario as well as nieces, nephews, and dear friends as his legacy.

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