Dan McShane

Dan McShane

Dan McShane hails from Fargo, North Dakota. After graduating from Fargo South High School he went on to the University of North Dakota.

He served as a missionary in China, baptizing dying infants. Additionally, he worked at an orphanage for abandoned children.

On ordination day, he was blessed by Bishop Jenky and all present priests with sacred chrism and received priestly vestments and vestment blessings.

Early Life and Education

Before being cast as Al Swearengen on HBO’s critically acclaimed series “Deadwood,” McShane had already established himself in British and American television, producing and starring in Suffolk antique dealer drama Lovejoy; also, appearing in numerous movies as an actor or director.

McShane first considered becoming a priest while at Marian High School in South Bend, Indiana. His decision was inspired by Msgr. Gregory Ketcham of the University of Illinois Catholic Newman Center as well as members from St John’s Catholic Newman Club at Marian.

Bishop Jenky gave Deacon McShane the advice at his ordination to follow in the footsteps of Jesus the priest, local and global heroes of faith, living his life with constant joy and genuine love while considering not just himself but all those he was supporting during his journey into priesthood – particularly members of Holy Family Parish Lincoln. He offered special thanks for their assistance during that process.

Professional Career

Daniel McShane is co-owner and staunch advocate for justice at Rawlings Criminal Law. Known for his ability to dissect prosecution cases and pinpoint their weaknesses, Daniel’s strong work ethic and commitment to clients make him an asset in any legal battle.

Prior to his legal career, he spent 16 years as a Case Manager at an inpatient psychiatric hospital, responsible for creating comprehensive aftercare plans, holding family meetings and teaching de-escalation techniques to staff and clients.

He was an outspoken opponent of state sponsored execution, calling it the pinnacle of human hubris. One of his notable victories was successfully representing Kerrie Price against Indiana’s attempt to execute her. Additionally, he has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows such as playing Al Swearengen on HBO’s Deadwood.

Achievement and Honors

Father McShane has not only served his parish as a priest but has been an active Boy Scout leader for more than two decades, taking Troop 209’s members on high-adventure trips like hiking Philmont Ranch in New Mexico or canoeing across northern Minnesota/Canada’s boundary waters. Additionally, he spent six years as a high school horticulture teacher.

At St Mary’s Cathedral in Peoria, during his ordination Mass, Bishop Gregory instructed the new priest to model his ministry after that of Jesus the Good Shepherd and draw strength from heavenly heroes such as Sts Therese of Lisieux and Joseph the Worker. At this point he received his anointing with Sacred Chrism and donned vestments before continuing.

After that, he participated in celebrating Eucharist alongside Bishop and more than 100 priests.

Personal Life

He had a distinguished and varied career on British and American television, both acting and producing. He co-starred alongside William Hurt in the long-running series Lovejoy as well as numerous dramas and miniseries such as Heathcliff in David Wolper’s acclaimed adaptation of Wuthering Heights; Sejanus in Masterpiece Theater’s Disraeli; Madson from BBC drama series; and Judas from NBC biblical epic Jesus of Nazareth.

On his day of ordination, Deacon McShane was assisted by fellow priests to put on his priestly vestments. Following that ritual was the ancient symbolic laying-on-of-hands by Bishop Jenky and all present priests present who then collectively placed their hands upon Deacon McShane’s head in silent prayerful contemplation before Bishop Jenky offered his prayer of consecration.

Net Worth

McShane has an exceptional talent for breathing life into his characters – his portrayal of Winston, owner of the Continental Hotel from John Wick’s movie franchise is both captivating and sophisticated.

British actor Paul Daniels has been active in the entertainment industry since the 1960s and is an esteemed face in film and TV. He earned critical acclaim for his roles on series such as Lovejoy and Deadwood; additionally he featured as King on short-lived NBC drama King as an interpretation of Biblical King Saul.

McShane is estimated to be worth an estimated $10 Million, thanks to his stellar career in both film and television. Alongside acting, McShane also engages in various philanthropic activities and supports various charities.

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