Danger due to hydrocyanic acid: dm recalls almonds

At the drugstore dm there is a recall of the item “dmBio Almonds 200 grams”. The best before dates 08/29/2022 and 08/30/2022 are affected.

As the product portal reports, according to dm it cannot be ruled out that the affected packs contain an increased proportion of bitter almonds. Fortunately, the taste of bitter almonds is unmistakable. They taste (as the name suggests) enormously bitter.

dm bio whole almonds are being recalled.
Image: © dm

However, the problem is not the taste, but the substance that triggers it. Hydrocyanic acid is extremely toxic and can even be fatal in amounts above the tolerance limit. In this case, we strongly advise against consuming the packs affected by the recall.

However, if you have already eaten some of these almonds and suffered from headaches, nausea or even vomiting relatively quickly, these were clear signs of poisoning by hydrocyanic acid. In this case, we advise you to consult your family doctor or, if necessary, the pharmacy. In most cases, the body will take it well. But it is safe to say.

Customers are asked not to consume the affected packs under any circumstances. They can be handed in unopened or opened in the dm markets. In both cases, the purchase price will be fully refunded.

Which foods can contain hydrocyanic acid?

In fact, there are over 1000 known plants worldwide in which hydrocyanic acid is formed. The occurrence is therefore not uncommon. Plants simply use this substance as protection against feeding. In addition, it also inhibits germination. Only after the fruit has ripened does the acid evaporate and the fruit can germinate. The following foods form hydrogen cyanide:

  • Bitter almonds (almonds)
  • apricot kernels
  • linseed
  • Stone fruit pits (cherries, apples, etc.)
  • yam
  • bamboo shoots (when immature)

One should exercise particular caution when consuming almonds and apricot kernels. Especially for children, 5 to 10 bitter almonds can lead to death!

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