Daniel Coin

The Daniel Coin

Gustave Dore’s 1859 wood engraving depicting Daniel’s amazing story of faith and devotion serves as the basis for Scottsdale Mint’s Biblical Art Coin Series coin depicting Daniel. On its obverse side is “Israel” written in English, Hebrew and Arabic along with year of minting, Israel State Emblem and an illustration of a hungry, roaring lion.

Early Life and Education

Maria Apem, Daniel’s mother, wishes for an optimistic future for her children; unfortunately, as a beneficiary farmer at Natoot her current income does not meet all their basic needs.

The Book of Daniel (also referred to as the Prophecy of Daniel) is part of both the Jewish Old Testament and Christian Bible, in its Ketuvim section. It contains stories pertaining to Daniel’s experiences under King Nebuchadrezzar II, Belshazzar, Darius I and Cyrus and is often seen as an example for those facing oppression or suffering persecution.

Gustave Dore’s 1860 wood engraving Daniel in the Lion’s Den by Gustave Dore was an inspiration for Scottsdale Mint to create their second coin in their Biblical series. The Antique Uncirculated 2-ounce 999 silver coin depicting this tale features on its obverse denomination, name of Israel written both in English and Hebrew language as well as mint year and state emblem of Israel in an area populated with hungry roaring lions who watch over these heroes without harming or hurting them in any way.

Professional Career

Daniel is the author of several books and contributing editor to Krause-Mishler’s Standard Catalog of World Coins “century editions.” As well, he works full time as a dealer specializing in colonial coinage of Spanish America, shipwreck coins and publishes multiple auction and exhibition catalogs every year; regularly attending major coin shows across America.

Daniel Lo is an impressive triple qualified lawyer who completed his undergrad in Toronto, law school in Birmingham and LPC at City University London. Currently working as the General Counsel (GC) at Cake DeFi, a decentralised finance crypto company in Singapore he’s passionate about Web3 technology as well as having an interest in Blockchain, Crypto and DeFi.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Baker was an outstanding athlete and public school teacher who garnered several accolades for his service. He earned the Distinguished Alumnus status at Daniel Baker College, among many other honors.

Daniel Frank Sedwick LLC in Winter Park, Florida specializes in trading coins from South and Central America as well as shipswreck artefacts.

In 2019, Daniel was one of many Ugandans who bought into Dr. Ruja’s OneCoin scam. With money running low in Europe, promoters turned their attention toward Uganda where Daniel joined in collecting coins relating to this movement – particularly early Roman coins with Christian imagery as well as ancient Egyptian and Byzantine pieces.

Personal Life

Daniel is the author of four books and an internationally recognized motivational speaker on personal growth, wealth creation and relationships. His talks encourage individuals to pursue their goals and gain the success they desire.

His personal relationships have also come under scrutiny in Rebel. After being separated for months following their adventures in Antarctica, Day and June were reunited after much ado about nothing, growing closer as June began recovering her memory.

Andrew Martineau, Vice President of Merchandising for APMEX, announced that proceeds from coin sales will be donated to International Justice Mission – a non-profit religious organization dedicated to fighting injustice across the globe, such as illegal detentions and violence like Daniel encountered as detailed in the Bible.

Net Worth

Daniel hails from a middle-class background but has made waves in the crypto industry thanks to his dedication and hard work. His focus lies on introducing innovative technologies to the sector while striving to refine them further.

His net worth shows he is doing very well not only with poker but has also expanded into other business ventures which have added to his overall wealth. Furthermore, owning property has added substantially to his wealth.

He is well known in the crypto industry and an early adopter of bitcoin, owning multiple other cryptocurrencies as well. Additionally, he champions decentralized technology – co-founding Domo as well as working to develop blockchain software.

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