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Dan Dusseau – A Loving Son, Husband, Father, Son and Brother

Daniel Dusseau will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him. An avid deer hunter and Steelers fan, Daniel was also dedicated to Nissen Concrete where he served for 10 years as an employee.

He has led various campus law enforcement, school and church safety programs.

Early Life and Education

The King of Babylon recognized Daniel’s integrity, offering him positions of authority and wealth; however, Daniel never compromised on his faith in the one true God; his commitment was an inspiration to his fellow servants, garnering him honor from powerful rulers he served, as well as respect from them all.

John Dusseau lived in Toledo, Ohio. He had one sister: Mary Dusseau. Sadly he passed away on November 10th 1896.

Professional Career

Dan Dusseau is an established expert in police, school, church and business security and safety. His credentials include retail security positions at retailers; serving in a major urban law enforcement agency in their highest ranks; and currently holding down his current role of Director of Public Safety/Chief of Police at Northern Virginia Community College.

Dusseau currently oversees police and emergency management operations on each of NOVA’s 11 campuses, as well as being an invited presenter at national conferences and seminars, offering his expertise to local, state and federal task forces and councils.

Last week, the district faced criticism after an attorney representing a student arrested during the aftermath of the riot released video evidence showing officers beating unprovoked. Ellis says Dusseau will retire soon but does not consider his move directly related to this incident.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Dusseau of Blissfield will face life imprisonment if found guilty on four charges of first-degree criminal sexual conduct against an 9-year-old girl at his house where she had spent the night. Assistant Lenawee County Prosecutor Burke Castleberry believes there is enough evidence against Dusseau to hold him to trial on these counts.

Police and security staff cannot prevent all crimes and behavior on campus; however, they can provide vital information that makes campuses safer. It is up to each university community member to help enhance safety and security on campuses.

Dusseau was honored with Campus Safety magazine’s Police Chief/Security Director of the Year award in 2014 for his innovative efforts at NOVA, earning praise from campus safety readers for creating an alliance between NOVA and its community.

Personal Life

Dan Dusseau will be dearly missed by all that knew and loved him. He enjoyed deer hunting, boating and cheering for his favorite football team: Pittsburgh Steelers.

He previously served as director of public safety/chief of police at Northern Virginia Community College where he implemented school, church and business security programs. Additionally, he held top ranks with one of the major urban law enforcement agencies as an officer while also being an accomplished author and public speaker.

Dusseau, 29, who was initially accused of the rape of a nine-year-old girl, agreed on Wednesday to plead guilty instead to one count of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with a victim younger than 13 as part of a plea bargain that will spare him from serving a mandatory 25-year minimum prison term. Dusseau claimed an alcohol blackout had occurred during the attack.

Net Worth

Dan Dusseau is an internationally recognized expert in law enforcement, school security, church security and business security and safety. He has held top-level positions with major city law enforcement agencies while creating community and church safety programs – garnering him both local and national awards for his efforts in these areas.

Dusseau was charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct involving a victim under 13; due to his relative status, however, this plea resulted in no mandatory 25-year minimum prison term being imposed by Lenawee County Circuit Court.

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