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The Life of Daniel LaPolla

Daniel LaPolla was an adoring husband, father, brother, son and grandfather who took great joy in traveling, playing golf and spending time with his loved ones.

LaPolla provided information to federal agents following a statewide theft of National Guard armory rifles, and was scheduled to testify in a federal firearms prosecution. Unfortunately, days before it began an explosion occurred in his home that killed him instantly.

Early Life and Education

Daniel Lapolla was born in Providence to Raffaela and Angelina. Currently he resides in Cranston and is happily married with two children as well as many nieces, nephews, and friends in his life.

After agreeing to testify in a federal firearms case, LaPolla was killed by an explosive device placed outside his home and detonated at his address. Appellants were later charged with conspiring against LaPolla’s civil rights in violation of 18 U.S.C. 241.

LaPolla leaves behind his beloved wife Mary, his three cherished children – Mark, Russell and Denise – as well as many nieces, nephews and cousins that he loved dearly. We will miss him deeply; he was an extraordinary individual that will remain forever in our memories.

Professional Career

Fred LaPolla is part of the Data Services team at NYU Health Sciences Library where he assists researchers on topics including literature searching, management and analysis. Additionally he teaches Rigor and Reproducibility courses within Grossman School of Medicine Vilcek Institute for Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

His duties took him deep into enemy territory to conduct bomb damage assessments and search for enemy positions, often working alongside men equally dedicated. He commented that in such an organization as LRRP there are only two kinds of people you can trust always: those whom can always be relied upon and those whom you cannot.

He is survived by his wife Mary, sons Mark and Russell of Point St Lucie FL and daughter Theresa of Manalapan NJ; as well as by his sister, brother-in-law and numerous cousins.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel LaPolla of Kennedy made it through to the quarterfinals of the district singles tournament before falling short against Ravenna’s No.1 seed Seth Stennett and Salem’s J. W. Linam in order to advance to the semi-finals, where Ravenna defeated him 6-3.

In November 1987, he won a decisive four-year mayoral term with 13,043 votes from 59 of 66 districts reported, defeating Democratic challenger Daniel Maggio by almost 1,000 votes (59 out of 66 reported districts). Additionally, he served as vice president and then president of the Utica Board of Education as well as being appointed to council membership.

He dedicated his time as mayor to improving his city, becoming known for door-to-door campaigning that estimated between 8,000 to 10,000 door calls during his campaign for mayor. After retiring in 2015, he is survived by his wife Jane and children Diane DiSiore and Daniel LaPolla.

Personal Life

Lapolla enjoyed playing golf and spending time with family. He enjoyed cooking, vacations and camping trips, celebrating his Italian heritage with pride. Additionally, Lapolla had an expansive family including grandchildren, nieces and nephews that all held him dear.

While most witnesses in the Witness Protection Program are safe from physical harm while participating, some do not abide by its regulations. Daniel LaPolla returned home in the 1970s for a funeral despite warnings that it was booby trapped and the bomb detonated as soon as he turned the doorknob – an obvious attempt at keeping him from testifying against suspects involved in federal firearms case against Guillette, Joost, Marrapese and Zinni under 18 U.S.C 241 (1970). A jury convicted them all for conspiracy to deprive a witness of civil rights under 18 U.S.C 241 (1970).

Net Worth

Daniel LaPolla does not publicly reveal his net worth; however, some sources indicate that it may be considerable. Reputable sources state that his fortune has been earned through years of hard work as a businessperson.

Court records reveal that Lapolla is estimated to be worth an estimated worth of approximately $1.5 billion, having acquired several properties, had several children and owning an engine maintenance service company that specializes in building race car engines.

Lapolla hails from Rhode Island and is the son of Raffaela and Angelina (Tremonti) Lapolla. As former deputy secretary of state he served as administrative aide to Governor John O. Pastore as well as Chief Justice Thomas Roberts from the Superior Court. Additionally he’s a member of Aurora Club of Providence as well as being an avid golfer.

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