Daniel Rogert

Daniel Rogert

Sometimes people use variations of their name when searching public records. This could be due to spelling differences, shortenings of names, or international variations on names.

Dan was an outstanding father, husband and Papa for his family. To leave your memories or express condolences please visit their Tribute Page.

Early Life and Education

Early experiences and environments for children ages 0-8 play an essential part in brain development, providing essential pathways for future learning, behavior and health. Studies show that high-quality early learning programs can benefit children’s thinking skills, school readiness/performance/behavior as well as overall health and well-being.

UNESCO recognizes that investing in quality early childhood education is one of the most efficient investments a country can make. The Sustainable Development Goals adopted by UN member states in 2015 included two targets relating to early childhood, which aim to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education including pre-primary for all, while simultaneously encouraging lifelong learning and development of key competencies.

Professional Career

Daniel Rogert is an attorney specializing in class action litigation, appeals and complex civil litigation. He has provided oral argument and briefs for over 75 federal appellate cases as well as handling numerous complex first impression cases.

Dan is also adept in commercial litigation matters such as class action disputes and business issues of all sorts, having successfully represented product manufacturers against hundreds of consumer class actions and obtained dismissals and orders denying class certification in numerous cases.

Rogert enjoyed surfing the internet, bodybuilding and martial arts; as well as eating sushi with friends and clubbing. Currently residing in Waterloo, Nebraska; Rogert is survived by Nichole Rogert and their three children Tyler, Madisyn and Mason.

Achievement and Honors

Daniel Rogert has received several prestigious awards and honors for his work, such as the Society for Neuroscience’s Julius Axelrod Prize, Kemali Foundation International Research Award in Neuropsychopharmacolology, Perl/UNC Neuroscience Basic Research Prize and CINP-Lilly Neuroscience Basic Research Award. Additionally he has published multiple articles in leading scientific journals as well as his own book; his laboratory’s primary goal is identifying molecular mechanisms underlying neural communication dysfunction in brain disorders like Alzheimer’s, autism and addiction; when outside his professional life he enjoys photography and remote controlled vehicles while supporting local sports teams!

Personal Life

Roger was an devoted husband and father. Together with his wife, they enjoyed raising their daughters together; taking them often to places such as the zoo. Additionally, Roger enjoyed working on his car and spending time with his sons.

He is an accomplished writer and author, having published three books and multiple e-books focusing on eschatology and the Stone-Campbell movement. Additionally, he hosts two podcasts and speaks regularly at lectures as co-minister of North Broad Church in Brooklyn.

He and Nichole reside at 3444 N 270th Street Waterloo Nebraska and are members of both Lincoln County and Cleveland County Bar Associations as well as being President of 27B Judicial District and National Trial Lawyers/Academy of Trial Lawyers respectively.

Net Worth

Heir to the Star Market fortune, John Star Market makes his money through retail stores and shopping centers as well as Brownfields Recovery Corporation which cleans up industrial sites contaminated with hazardous substances. John also donates generously to Boston Pops Fourth of July Esplanade concerts as well as local charities.

He owns property in Aspen and maintains a home on the mountain, where he skis with Bill Joy (notably absent from Forbes’ rich lists) and regularly takes gondola rides with John Doerr, one of his early venture capital investors in Internet companies such as Sun Microsystems and Google.

Since 2020, he has completed more than one trades. Currently he owns over $45,161 worth of EAT shares which he exercises approximately every zero days and also holds CHGG stocks.

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