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Milt Shoffner

After his playing days were complete, Milt moved into a bar in Utica named “Milt Shoffner’s Grill”, decorated it with photos from his playing days and named it after himself.

Shoffner had provided two psychiatric evaluations and stated he didn’t remember killing Elder and that she may have been possessed by demons. The trial court considered his mental illness a mitigating factor but only to an “insignificant degree,” given his plea agreement.

Early Life and Education

Michael Shoffner was an American football player for the Tennessee Titans as a defensive tackle, serving as well as serving as an assistant coach of their organization. Unfortunately, Michael passed away June 6, 2011.

He holds a Bachelor’s of Fire Protection Technology and Emergency Management from Guilford Technical Community College and currently works as an adjunct faculty member, teaching courses on fire science and emergency management at Purdue University Global. In addition, he serves as battalion chief with Burlington Fire Department while volunteering with Mt Hope Community Fire Department EMS as well.

Michael has been married to Linda since 1994 and they reside in Franklinville, North Carolina together with their three children. Michael enjoys hunting and fishing as well as genealogy research – having worked tirelessly on his family tree over many years.

Professional Career

Milt was an effective pitcher for the Scranton Miners of the New York-Penn League during 1926, before his career took a downward turn when transferred to Bridgeport Bears of the Eastern League for 1927 and pitched against Atlanta where a bat came flying out of the stands and struck Milt in the head during his first game as a Bridgeport Bear. He never recovered.

Brick Owens called only one balk during his entire career.

Shoffner currently serves as battalion chief of EMS and public information officer for the Burlington Fire Department in North Carolina, volunteering with Mt. Hope Community Fire Department as well as being on faculty for Guilford Technical Community College’s Fire Science and Emergency Medical Services departments.

Achievement and Honors

He was elected to the state senate and served for twelve years, also being on the county board of education.

He is the recipient of numerous awards and honors, such as the American Institute of Chemists Organic Chemistry Achievement Award and Lambda Pi Eta honorary society membership.

He made his major league debut with the Scranton Miners of the New York-Penn League in 1909 and went 33 of 46, helping guide them to second place behind Wilkes-Barre.

Milt Shoffner was the son of Herman Shoffner, a minor league pitcher who had spent nearly ten years pitching in Texas and Oklahoma minor league baseball leagues. His mother Jessie Lee was born into a preaching family from Sherman, Texas where Milt was raised.

Personal Life

He was an active Lutheran churchgoer and community figure. Additionally, he owned land and milled flour. When his estate came time for distribution, it was left to Aneas and Tamen Shoffner as beneficiaries; additionally Margaret Christina Clapp and Eve Garrett as beneficiaries from his daughter Sally who died before him.

Shoffner was a member of both the Burlington (North Carolina) Fire Department and Mt. Hope Community Fire Department in Guilford County, where he volunteered. Shoffner served as battalion chief of EMS and public information officer. With 25 years of experience in emergency management courses as a practitioner and published articles related to this subject matter. Furthermore, photography and hunting were his passions outside of fire service work.

Net Worth

Elizabeth Shoffner was born in Pennsylvania on May 15th 1815 to Martin Reitz and Catarina Reitz. In between 1830 and 1884 she married David Quay here too and they made their home there until his death between 1884-1891.

On October 10, 1911 in Minneapolis, United States of America she passed away and was laid to rest.

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