Daniel Timpf

Daniel Timpf – The Father of Katherine Timpf

Daniel Timpf is widely recognized for being the father of Katherine Timpf, an accomplished television personality, press reporter and comedian who has made appearances on programs like America Live with Megyn Kelly, Fox and Friends, Red Eye and Stossel.

She graduated from Hillsdale College with an impressive resume. Additionally, she is an author of humorous satire books.

Early Life and Education

Kat Timpf hails from an accomplished family. Daniel and Anne Marie Timpf have always supported her endeavors and assisted in fulfilling her ambitions.

She is an American libertarian columnist, television personality, press reporter and comedian renowned for her contributions in television and radio broadcasting.

She is also a regular contributor on Fox News Channel’s Greg Gutfeld Show and Fox Nation’s Sincerely, Kat.

Notable works by her include appearances on various shows like America Live with Megyn Kelly, Fox & Friends Stossel and Your Work with Neil Cavuto as well as being featured as a guest on popular podcast ‘Tyrus’.

Professional Career

Daniel and Anne Timpf have provided Kat Timpf with strong support as she pursues her goals of media journalism. Kat has worked on numerous shows dedicated to this industry and achieved great success within it.

She has strong opinions about current events, often writing satirical pieces on them. Additionally, she has appeared on a number of television and radio programs such as America Live with Megyn Kelly, Your Work with Neil Cavuto, Red Eye Stossel and Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore to name but a few.

In July 2017, Kat was violently attacked as she prepared to speak at a political event at Brooklyn’s Union Pool. An unknown attacker used a water bottle against her but managed to flee, prompting Kat to make the attack public and seek justice.

Achievement and Honors

Kat Timpf is widely recognized for her work as a respected journalist, political commentator, comedienne, and libertarian columnist. She appears regularly on Fox News Channel shows Gutfeld! and The Five, and hosts her own podcast Tyrus and Timpf.

Daniel and Anne Marie Timpf have provided Daniela Timpf with invaluable support throughout her life. They assisted her with career opportunities while inspiring her to follow her passions. Furthermore, Daniela Timpf has initiated an awareness raising initiative about amyloidosis – the disease which took the life of her mother.

Cameron Friscia is a former military personnel turned investor/banker. They have two children together: Julia and Elliot. Since 2021 they have been happily together, keeping their personal lives private without often discussing it publicly.

Personal Life

Daniel Timpf is an individual of numerous talents who has achieved much in his professional career. He is highly regarded in his community and is known to contribute greatly towards improving lives around him. Furthermore, Daniel is deeply attached to both his wife and children – something they hold very dearly in common.

Timpf has appeared on multiple television programs such as America Live with Megyn Kelly, Your World With Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends Red Eye Stossel The Greg Gutfeld Show & Gutfeld!. She has also written comedy for morning drive radio & contributed to National Review online.

Timpf is married to Cameron Friscia, an investment banker. Together they have two children named Julia and Elliot. The couple resides in Manhattan.

Net Worth

Daniel Timpf is an extremely successful professional who is also known as a beloved father to Kat Timpf – who now enjoys success as a television news anchor and reporter for CNN International, believes in smaller government and individual freedom, is a Libertarian and has written for numerous reputable publications such as The Washington Times, Investor’s Business Daily Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Pittsburgh Post Gazette Orange County Register among many more.

Kat has appeared on numerous television programs, such as America Live with Megyn Kelly, Your World with Neil Cavuto, Red Eye with Tom Shillue and The Greg Gutfeld Show, among others. Additionally, she hosts a weekly podcast called the Kat Timpf Show in which she speaks with various guests about various subjects.

She married Cameron Friscia in May 2021; her gown came from Kleinfelds and hair and makeup were done by Roman K. Salon. Cameron works at Coatue Management, an investment firm located in New York.

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