Daniel Wicker

Daniel Wicker, a Dedicated Public Service

Daniel Wicker works for Charlotte FC’s analytics team and technical scouting department as a data analyst. A graduate of Providence Day School and Indiana University, Daniel holds a B.S. in computer science.

The Wicker Man has one of the most disturbing and challenging endings of any horror movie, serving as an indictment not just of Sergeant Howie but of all systems that allow people to suffer due to their beliefs.

Early Life and Education

He was an enthusiastic collector of antique airplanes, an experienced car mechanic and master machinist; an accomplished artist, guitar player and musky fisherman as well as a committed public servant who tirelessly advocated on Mississippians’ behalf for pro-growth, pro-manufacturing policies in Congress.

He was also instrumental in founding the Colored Young Men’s Christian Association of New Orleans, which still exists to this day on Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard with an attractive modern building. Additionally, he was an active member of Saint James African Methodist Episcopal Church for decades.

He leaves behind his beloved wife of 60 years, Dollie Wicker; three sons Daniel Wicker (Cathy), Ronald Wicker and Leslie Wicker; seven grandchildren – Tristan, Sadie, Lindsay, Kate Luke Kayla Paige as well as two great-grandchildren; sister Vickie Strickland as well as special buddy Bandit – to cherish his memory.

Professional Career

Following his career as a foreign correspondent, Mr. Daniel moved on to become senior editor in the New York Times newsroom where he held onto their managing editor seat for four years. Known for enduring some demanding assignments – two trips into Soviet territory alone were especially arduous – Daniel also gained famed wearing London tailors’ fur-lined karakul collared greatcoats with grace of a Sheik.

He encouraged Charlotte Curtis, an esteemed reporter, to expand society news coverage so as to include fashion, decor and family matters as newsworthy events, using lively writing and sharp insights. Wedding and engagement announcements quickly began brimming with colorful details and human interest; while cultural reporting exposed both flaws as well as successes of significant artists.

Daniel currently works as an Associate with Wicker Smith focusing on medical malpractice, general negligence and automobile negligence cases. He graduated with honors from the University of Miami School of Law – earning a magna cum laude degree.

Achievement and Honors

Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi’s 1st Congressional District has represented Mississippi in the United States Senate since December 2007. Since that time, he has championed pro-growth policies to generate jobs and prevent federal overreach.

He serves as ranking member on the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation as well as being an active member of both Armed Services Committee and various other panels.

He co-wrote the Muscular Dystrophy Community Assistance, Research, and Education Act of 2001 which helped fund research at NIH for muscular dystrophy and other rare diseases. Additionally, he is an advocate of cancer survivorship programs as well as longtime supporters of military veterans eradication efforts and long-standing champions of polio eradication – receiving multiple awards and honors for his efforts while in Congress.

Personal Life

Wicker is an advocate for pro-growth policies that create jobs while curbing government overreach, as well as protecting life and maintaining strong national defense – serving as ranking member on the Senate Armed Services Committee during 118th Congress.

He has also been instrumental in securing more research funding for Mississippi universities’ health-related projects, including muscular dystrophy research. Furthermore, he co-authored the Muscular Dystrophy Community Assistance, Research, and Education Act of 2001 which established National Institutes of Health Centers of Excellence dedicated to muscular dystrophy research.

Wicker lives with Gayle Long of Tupelo and they share three children. In his free time he enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time with his family.

Net Worth

Senator Wicker has championed pro-growth policies to keep Mississippians competitive in an international economy. Additionally, he has taken a lead role in combatting heart disease through the American Heart Association; cancer through National Cancer Institute; diabetes-related conditions including childhood obesity and Alzheimer’s through American Diabetes Association. Furthermore, Senator Wicker is also an ardent supporter of health care as co-founder of Senate Malaria and Neglected Tropical Disease Caucus as well as tireless advocate against polio eradication efforts.

His first quarter 2023 campaign finance report shows he is far ahead of any possible challengers, although Eubanks claims he intends to use grassroots groups and relationships forged with them as leverage against his financial advantage in the Republican primary. So far only one candidate is known to have filed an candidacy.

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