Daniela Werneck

Artist Profile – Daniela Werneck

Daniela Werneck is a realistic watercolor painter hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After earning a BA in Interior Design she went on to work in Rio before relocating to Australia and finally Houston Texas where her art has since been showcased at various exhibitions and competitions.

Early Life and Education

Daniela Werneck hails from Brazil and earned her interior design degree at Rio’s University of Fine Arts before immigrating with her family to Australia in 2008. Since that time, she has dedicated herself full-time to painting, exhibiting nationally, and entering competitions. Her works have won her numerous awards as well as being published in Splash 19-21, American Art Collector, Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine and Watercolor Artist Magazine. Her paintings evoke innocence and purity as well as bygone seasons of life, winning her the Grand Prize at the Spring Online Juried Show of American Women Artists. She lives with her husband and sons in Houston and is represented by Abend Gallery.

Professional Career

Daniela Werneck graduated from Rio de Janeiro’s Fine Arts School with an interior designer degree, working in that capacity until moving to Australia in 2008. Following her move back to Houston in 2015 and working full-time as an artist exhibiting and competing nationally since 2015. Her paintings of young girls surrounded by whimsical surroundings are an ode to innocence, purity, bygone seasons of life as she utilizes traditional watercolor methods while adding modern elements that have been featured in publications like Splash 19-21 American Art Collector Fine Art Connoisseur Watercolor Artist Magazine among many more.

Self-taught artist, her art is frequently inspired by South American culture. Looking forward, she hopes to discover and reconnect with her heritage through narratives that depict her journey and memories.

Achievement and Honors

Daniela Werneck’s storybook-esque paintings harken back to childhood innocence and purity as well as bygone seasons of life. A self-taught artist since 2015, she now devotes herself full-time to her career specializing in realistic figurative watercolor. Her work has earned accolades at national competitions and been published in various magazines such as “Splash 19” and 21 by American Art Collectors, Fine Art Connoisseur and Watercolor Artist Magazine. Werneck currently resides and works in Houston – TX with her husband and children. Daniele Lawerneck’s artwork is represented by Abend Gallery and available through MutualArt’s artist press archive. To view more of her work visit; all rights are reserved by the artist; reproduction in any form without prior written approval is not allowed.

Personal Life

Daniela Werneck hails from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As an accomplished watercolor painter who employs both traditional techniques as well as more contemporary approaches. She graduated from the Fine Art School at Rio de Janeiro Federal University with a degree in Interior Design and worked in this area until moving to Australia in 2008. Since 2015, she has specialized in realistic figurative paintings and has since been exhibiting nationally while earning awards at regional and national competitions. Additionally, her artwork has been featured in books and magazines such as Splash 19, American Art Collector Magazine, Fine Art Connoisseur and Watercolor Artist Magazine – among many others. Currently living in Houston Texas with her husband and sons.

Storybooklike compositions by this artist often depict young girls with whimsical surroundings that represent innocence and purity – symbolic of her itinerant life journey that has taken her around the globe.

Net Worth

Tata Werneck is an award-winning Brazilian artist making waves in the art industry. Her works reflect her own experiences and journeys; these paintings tell an emotive narrative. Tata Werneck quickly established herself as an established artist by regularly exhibiting and participating in competitions, earning numerous awards such as Grand Prize at American Women Artists Spring Online Juried Show as well as Watercolor magazine and Splash 19 features praising her paintings as a winner; Tata was recently estimated at having amassed an estimated net worth of $3 Million as of 2023; fans love her charismatic yet slim figure coupled with attractive body measurements that make for captivating performances that can last all night.

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