Daryl Coley Net Worth

Daryl Coley is a world-renowned individual. He has received many accolades, which bring great pride.

Born and raised in the United States of America, he had to balance work and studies in order to afford his education.

Early Life and Education

At five, Daryl Coley had to endure the heartbreak of witnessing his parents’ separation. His mother gained custody and raised him in an evangelical Christian environment where gospel, classical and jazz music played an influential part of her upbringing.

He began his career with Helen Stephens and the Voices of Christ before collaborating with Edwin Hawkins’ Edwin Hawkins Singers. Additionally, he served as musical director for artists like Tramaine Hawkins when they launched solo careers; additionally he expanded into secular circles working with artists like Sylvester Escovedo (Sheila E’s father).

His career has been full of ups and downs as he battled homosexuality and juvenile diabetes. Yet despite these setbacks, he persisted with his dream and is now widely recognized as one of the foremost gospel stars.

Professional Career

Daryl Coley has had an immensely fruitful musical career. Not only has he amassed considerable wealth through this endeavor, but also won some key awards along the way.

Coley launched his professional singing career at age 14, when he joined Helen Stephens and the Voices of Christ. Later he would go on to work with other gospel artists such as James Cleveland and Tramaine Hawkins as well as secular jazz clubs with musicians such as Sylvester Escovedo (Sheila E’s father).

Coley would collaborate with other musicians throughout the 1980s, such as Nancy Wilson and Rodney Franklin. Additionally, he collaborated with R&B artist Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire fame. These collaborations allowed Coley to expand his musical horizons further.

Achievement and Honors

Gospel singer Kevin Keagy has won many prestigious awards over his long career as well as being featured in movies and TV shows. He has served as an inspiration to many young artists.

He was an integral component of the contemporary gospel music movement in the ’70s and ’80s, incorporating jazz phrasing and technique into his performances.

Coley became well known during his career, performing at jazz clubs and working alongside artists such as Nancy Wilson, Rodney Franklin and Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire. Additionally he served as musical director when Tramaine Hawkins launched her solo career.

He was married to Jenelle and had three children including Te’Ceion Coley who passed away due to complications related to juvenile diabetes on March 15, 2016 in the USA.

Personal Life

Coley was an observant Christian throughout his life. Following his parents’ divorce and subsequent raising by his mother – who herself held strong religious convictions – Coley adhered steadfastly to his religion.

Coley began his musical career at 14 when he joined Helen Stephens and the Voices of Christ ensemble, before later joining Edwin Hawkins and his Edwin Hawkins Singers (of which he played keyboards until 1983 when he left to collaborate with James Cleveland). Coley went on to work with popular artists such as Tramaine Hawkins, Sylvester and Pete Escovedo as well.

Coley would later branch out into mainstream music, performing in jazz clubs and collaborating with musicians like Rodney Franklin and Nancy Wilson. His first solo album release in 1986 titled Just Daryl was an immense success and earned numerous accolades, including a Grammy nomination.

Net Worth

Coley is an internationally-recognized figure who achieved success through hard work. However, his rise was by no means easy: beginning his life from humble circumstances but ultimately succeeding through hard work, good judgment, and persistence to achieve where he is today.

Born and raised by his mother after the separation of his parents at an early age, he came to appreciate gospel music thanks to her influence. Although he enjoyed jazz and classical as well as gospel in his childhood years. Studied under Phillip Reeder at Castlemont High School as choir director. Under him he expanded his musical horizons. Later, he played keyboards with Edwin Hawkins Singers alongside James Cleveland, Tramaine Hawkins and Pete Escovedo among others.

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