David Jeremiah Net Worth

David Jeremiah is a highly esteemed religious leader and founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries. Additionally, he serves as senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church – a Southern Baptist megachurch located near Orlando.

He has built an enormous net worth through not only his ministry, but also through writing several best-selling books that have contributed immensely to it and through investing in real estate properties which has enabled him to amass considerable wealth.

Early Life and Education

David Jeremiah has had an immense effect on many lives worldwide and accumulated an estimated net worth of $50 Million through his career.

Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries, and Shadow Mountain Community Church of El Cajon in California. He currently sits on President Donald Trump’s evangelical advisory board.

He earned both his Bachelor of Arts from Cedarville College and Master of Theology degrees at Dallas Theological Seminary. Married to Donna Thompson and having four grown children together. Together they are grandparents of twelve grandchildren! He regularly speaks at conventions, universities and professional basketball and football team chapels around the United States.

Professional Career

Jeremiah’s ability to express complicated concepts in an accessible way has made him an immensely popular Christian author, known for writing books on various subjects including prophecy and spiritual growth.

At conventions, churches, and colleges. He has spoken at TV and radio programs about philanthropy efforts that help people worldwide.

Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries was established by Timothy M. Eichhorn, currently senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church in El Cajon, California. Eichhorn has written over 50 books that have earned several accolades such as two Gold Medallion Awards and an ECPA Medallion of Excellence Award; these bestsellers have established his status as an expert in Christian theology and bible study.

Achievement and Honors

As a pastor, author, and broadcaster Jeremiah has left an indelible mark on Christian community. His tireless devotion to spreading God’s Word has touched millions, earning him numerous accolades such as New York Times Best-Selling book award. Additionally, Jeremiah leads an active philanthropic lifestyle, supporting organizations that share his belief in Gospel message – living in lavish mansion in El Cajon California with wife Donna.

David Jeremiah was born February 13 in Toledo, Ohio in 1941 and is an American religious leader and Christian author. He founded Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries as well as being senior pastor of Shadow Mountain Community Church located in El Cajon California; both ministries serve as satellite campuses of San Diego.

Personal Life

Jeremiah has enjoyed tremendous success as a pastor, author, and multi-media broadcaster, amassing a considerable fortune as a result. Additionally, his entrepreneurial ventures have greatly added to his net worth.

American conservative evangelical Christian author is the founder of Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries as well as senior pastor at Shadow Mountain Community Church in Phoenix. A graduate from Cedarville University, he also earned a Master of Theological Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary.

He is married to Donna and has four grown children; David Michael serves as President of Turning Point Ministry while Janice Dodge and Daniel work as NFL scouts. Their family resides in California. Jeremiah is known for his generous giving; annually donating thousands of dollars towards charitable causes.

Net Worth

David Jeremiah has amassed an impressive net worth as the founder and leader of a community church and popular writer. His books have become bestsellers while his radio and TV lectures have attracted an immense following.

As well as speaking engagements and book royalties, Jeremiah also runs Turning Point Ministries – a broadcast ministry reaching millions globally – which likely constitutes one of his main sources of wealth.

Jeremiah has also made significant investments in real estate. His mansion in El Cajon, California is worth more than $6 million and Jeremiah himself was born in Toledo Ohio on February 1941, where he later graduated Cedarville University before earning his Master of Divinity at Dallas Theological Seminary.

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