Prakash Amritraj Net Worth

Vijay Amritraj left an indelible mark on tennis through an incredible 20 year career before retiring at 29. His dedication and excellence as both an athlete and as an ethical person continue to inspire people today.

His son Prakash is following in his father’s footsteps by playing professionally and becoming a television sports commentator and contributor for GQ India magazine – while also sporting an incredible physique!

Early Life and Education

Prakash Amritraj was born in Los Angeles, California, on 2nd October 1983. He is an ATP professional tennis player with an official world ranking of 154 and hails from a family lineage that included Wimbledon and Davis Cup tournament participation from Vijay Amritraj, his father; Vikram Amritraj being his brother.

He’s kept himself busy as both a TV show host and sports commentator, as well as travelling for work as part of his role as global correspondent of Tennis Channel.

He is a regular contributor to GQ India magazine, writing and creating digital content for it. Over time he has built up an impressive following, particularly within fitness circles.

Professional Career

Prakash Amritraj has been contributing to GQ India for 2.5 years, writing and creating digital video content. An avid supporter of “What’s Your Code?,” Prakash is committed to the philosophy.

Prakash Amritraj, son of Indian tennis icon Vijay Amritraj, takes an expansive view on sports that encompasses its historical and social context – unlike many athletes who simply compete to make money.

He believes that effective information and dialogue between players and media can only come about if trust between the two is established. He has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges ATP players currently face and uses this insight to provide value to his readers. In addition, he is co-owner of Miami Pickleball franchise which is quickly growing popular in America.

Achievement and Honors

Vijay Amritraj, an accomplished tennis player, has accomplished much during his lifetime. Notably, he won several prestigious tournaments as well as being selected as part of India’s Davis Cup team.

He has reached two ATP Tour Finals and boasts impressive game knowledge and outstanding volleying skills, in addition to being a renowned television commentator.

He has ventured into acting, appearing in movies such as Octopussy and Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home as cameo roles. Additionally, he is well-known Tennis Channel host with an active social media presence, owning his own production company and making guest appearances on several talk shows as an entrepreneur and businessperson. Married to Shyamala with one son named Prakash.

Personal Life

Prakash Amritraj has found new success since retiring as a tennis player: as a sports presenter. This role has provided him with new opportunities, such as attending tournaments he missed during his playing days on tour.

His words were punctuated with laboured breath, each gulp reminding him that he is on his journey toward turning his skinny frame into one with muscle mass. Every pound he lifted at the gym was deliberately targeted; every morsel of food consumed had an intention behind its consumption.

Net Worth

Amritraj is an accomplished tennis commentator and founder of First Serve Entertainment, a sports production company. His diversified business ventures have resulted in significant expansion of his net worth.

He has become well-known as an inspiring and motivational speaker, sharing his success story to encourage young people in realizing their goals. He often appears at events such as the Laver Cup to engage with fans and motivate them towards reaching their objectives.

Amritraj has an exciting career ahead of him thanks to his talent and hard work. Soon enough he will reach the pinnacle of his field; his family – wife Shyamala, son Prakash, and daughter Alison Riske-Amritraj are fully supportive of his choices; even taking up roles like Tennis TV Presenter which allow him to travel around the globe for his work.

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