David Rowlands

David Rowlands and David Rolands

British artist David Rowlands has an unwavering dedication to depicting soldiers and their equipment with meticulous accuracy in his paintings of historical battle scenes. He has painted numerous historical battle scenes that show such care in detailing each component.

Politically active, he served for 17 years in UKIP Wales as both Member and Chair for two terms.

Early Life and Education

David Rowlands was born July 23rd 1948 in Spencer Iowa to Peg and Sherwood “Woody” Rowlands.

He attended Harris Lake Park Community School and graduated in 2015. Among his favorite activities were golf, chess and model trains.

David joined the Army Air Corps during World War II and piloted a B-17 bomber aircraft for 22 combat missions; sometimes staying up for 12 hours!

After World War II, he returned to California and resumed his studies. Additionally, he attended Lazlo Moholy-Nagy’s Basic Bauhaus Course for college students and professionals in Oakland, CA – an experience that would significantly shape his design philosophy and influence creative abilities. Passionate about innovation and eager to help people live easier lives are among his goals.

Professional Career

David Rolands boasts an illustrious professional resume that encompasses being both a lawyer and later chief legal officer at Diamond Offshore Drilling. In both positions he ensures the company operates legally while providing excellent client services.

He must also fulfill a people management function, delegating authority and responsibility to his team members. This can be an arduous task due to everyone having different qualifications and expertise within their ranks.

At Diamond Offshore Drilling, the key to our success is making each employee happy and getting them to perform at their highest potential – all this translates to making Diamond a better place to work.

Achievement and Honors

The David Rowlands Award is one of the NJCAA’s premier honors, awarded each year to an athlete who exemplifies hard work, discipline, ethics and excellence in community college athletics.

Lifetime Achievement Awards have long been a rewarding way to recognize how Roland and BOSS instruments have been creatively employed by music artists throughout their careers. From Nick Rhodes using his JD-XA on Duran Duran’s Paper Gods reissue to Andy Summers using a JC-120 Jazz Chorus amplifier amp, these instruments have helped shape music in countless ways.

These awards have played a critical role in forging relationships between musicians and brands they represent, such as Roland or BOSS, as well as artists that use them. Furthermore, they have helped build lasting bonds of mutual respect between Roland, BOSS and artists that use their products.

Personal Life

David Rolands has over five decades of experience as a film producer and director. Currently living in Tipton, Missouri with his wife Leah Margulies Rolands.

He is currently working on numerous projects, including a documentary exploring humans’ seemingly intrinsic need to create art and examines folk music’s role over time as well as the evolution of comedy.

Summers find him traveling around to showcase camps and colleges across the United States. After an impressive junior season and great offseason camps and showcases circuit, he became known to Ivy League coaches. Penn, Princeton and Grand Valley among many other schools were on his itinerary.

Net Worth

David Roland is an American singer-songwriter estimated to be worth $5 Million. He gained prominence through winning Season Seven of American Idol and later releasing his self-titled debut album which has since gone platinum.

He is a well-known music star who has made waves within the industry for many years, winning various awards and performing all over the globe.

Roland is also an award-winning writer, producer, and director. Currently working on a film that examines why art is essential to human biology; Roland also produced and directed a series of short films for PBS.

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