David Swisher

David Swisher

David Swisher is a successful businessman who has achieved great success through his hard work. Additionally, he serves as president of Animal Friends, an animal rescue and shelter facility based in Pittsburgh, PA.

He was dismissed from his post due to allegations that he violated some organization policies. Here is a look back at his life and accomplishments.

Early Life and Education

David Swisher was born in West Virginia to David Warner and Mary Katherine Swisher.

He was married to Elizabeth Laura Swisher (born Dye). Together they had six children.

His wife passed away in 1897, and he was buried in a cemetery.

In his free time, he enjoyed golfing and traveling. A passionate Ohio State fan, he was also a member of the First Baptist Church in Woodsfield.

He was an active participant in both the Triangle Buckeyes and OSU Alumni Association, as well as a dedicated Comcast employee. Survived by his wife Mary and four children – Shawn, Isaac, Kirah, and Kyle – he is also in the process of adopting a nephew named Sterling who has special needs.

Professional Career

Swisher is a veteran of Major League Baseball, having previously played for the Oakland Athletics and Chicago White Sox. Currently with the New York Yankees, he was selected to the American League All-Star team.

David Swisher has achieved great success during his professional career, hitting.256 and producing 251 doubles, 9 triples and 209 home runs over nine years. Additionally, he drew 669 walks during the majors and finished within the top 10 for on-base percentage six times.

David Swisher is a Comcast Senior Trainer for New Mexico/Arizona and Marine Corps veteran, providing employees with answers to their questions, setting expectations and understanding the company’s culture. Additionally, he serves as volunteer leader of Comcast’s VetNet program which offers mentorship and support to veterans, active-duty service members and their families.

Achievements and Honors

Swisher earned a variety of accolades throughout his career. In 2018, he was recognized as a National Guard Recruit Sustainment Program of the Year for a large state in federal fiscal year 2018.

Swisher, as commander of the Ohio Army National Guard Recruiting and Retention Battalion, leads an army unit that prepares hundreds of new enlistees each year for basic training. His award is a testament to his hard work and devotion in recruiting and supporting new Soldiers, according to Swisher.

He also volunteers as a leader for Comcast’s VetNet, an Employee Resource Group dedicated to veteran support and mentoring programs.

He is a former Major League Baseball player who was drafted by the Oakland Athletics in 2002. Following that, he spent time with the White Sox and New York Yankees before signing with Cleveland prior to the 2013 season.

Personal Life

Swisher is one of the most influential figures in Silicon Valley. Her connections to tech titans – she was the first reporter to cover the Internet – and her toughness have cemented her place as an industry spokesperson and sought-out advisor.

She and her two sons currently reside in San Francisco, but they often visit Washington D.C. where she owns an apartment. After divorcing Google executive Megan Smith, she moved there part-time for work.

Last year on Swisher’s birthday, hundreds of people gathered at the Tonga Room at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco to roast her. Among those in attendance were Facebook founder Randi Zuckerberg and Twitter co-founder Joe Costolo.

Net Worth

Net worth is the sum of your assets and liabilities, calculated by subtracting debts from total wealth. It serves as a useful indicator to gauge your financial health.

Swisher boasts a net worth of $50 million dollars, accrued from his career as a baseball player.

He earned his stripes playing in the major leagues with the Oakland Athletics, Chicago White Sox and New York Yankees. As part of their 2009 World Series-winning squad, he earned himself an All-Star selection as well.

He is married to JoAnna Garcia and they have two children. The family resides in Los Angeles.

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