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Design wall hooks: attractive solutions for every furnishing area

We at Trendomat have a colorful selection of wall and coat hooks ready for you! Whether modern, simple, chunky or funny, there is something for every furnishing style. Scroll down and take a look at our great living ideas!

Foldable coat hook provides the basis for a stylish entrance hall coat hook, wall hook, aluminum coat hanger

Foldable coat hook in a stylish entrance area

The practical folding hooks are great, original accessories. This elegant coat hook is made of aluminum and can withstand up to 8 coat hangers (10 kg). That is, as much as a small cloakroom! If necessary, it can be folded flat with one hand.

Functional, eye-catching design is a seldom encountered shape on wall objects - wall hooks ball sphere aluminum

Functional, eye-catching design is a seldom encountered form of wall objects

The highly polished cloakroom ball is the right solution for those who want to combine the beautiful with the useful. And that is not an exaggeration, because the spherical accessory looks like an object of art. They can be attached anywhere and personal items can be stored inside. Small but nice, because the aluminum is particularly hard-wearing.

The wall hook, which can be folded in and out, offers space for six designer clothes hanger folding hooks made of wood

The wall hook for folding in and out offers space for six clothes hangers

What do these wall hooks remind you of? Perhaps on a pocket knife? If necessary, they can be folded in and out. This accessory is made of aluminum and oiled wood. These cute hooks could be used as a coat rack because each of them can hold up to six coat hangers. With their slightly rustic look, they are suitable for every furnishing style, even for the country house style.

Playful design in chic black color-original wall hook animal hunting trophy

Playful design in a chic black color

The small wall hooks with the ironically placed animal figures wave to every house guest. This is an interpretation of the hunting trophies that look old-fashioned in their original size these days. Would you like to bring more uniqueness to your home design? Place these on either side of a shower stall. However, the resilient synthetic resin material makes the wall hooks waterproof.

The wall hook made of wood with three suspensions - coat hooks hallway entrance area children's room

The wooden wall hook with three suspensions

The clear, curved design of our next wall hooks looks delicate and stylish in any room. You can hang jackets or coats on the lower hook, and other accessories such as hats, scarves or gloves on the upper hook. These hooks made of carefully processed ash wood should be used indoors and protected from humidity.

Functional accessory with a refreshing look for the stylish woman wall mount

Functional accessory with a refreshing look for the stylish woman

The wall hooks made of high-quality materials such as leather and metal bring the desired elegance and value to your hallway. The simple, minimalist design will look even more authentic over time.

As you can see in the photo, the garment can be hung up together with the hanger. Otherwise, scarves, towels or even magazines are kept on these wall hooks. The number of hooks and the actual design are up to you.

Extraordinary hand shapes as a wall holder or art objects wall hook synthetic resin marble decoration

Unusual hand shapes as wall brackets or art objects

It continues with the hand-shaped wall hooks. They offer many uses because of their playful designs. Whether for clothes, books, keys, sunglasses or vases, you could be extremely creative with these accessories.

Wall boxes with an original design, especially for small apartments - elegant, space-saving wall boxes steel storage

Wall boxes in an original design especially suitable for small apartments

At this point we would also like to mention a wall shelving system, because where would we be without this practical storage furniture? These wall shelves store small items in a stylish way. Wall storage boxes from the same series help you organize, set colored accents in the room and give the interior a retro touch!

Hook fingers for various hanging options - unusual funny wall hook design

Hook fingers for various hanging options

The eye-catching designer wall hooks are characterized by their 3-D effect, as you can regulate the distance from the wall. The small size allows you to hang up narrow accessories such as a towel or a piece of jewelry. The various fresh colors can be combined in many ways.

Modern, differently lacquered wall hooks for the entrance area coat hooks

Modern, different colored wall hooks for the entrance area

The classic wall hook in the shape of a letter, in our case “J”, makes us think of a designer piece with its rough design. The traditional shape made of wood is suitable to offer space for many objects at the same time. The refined look makes these colorful wall hooks real eye-catchers!

The beautiful precision in detail, the functionality and the modern look transform all of these objects into sophisticated home accessories. For this reason they are very popular.

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