Did Rin Like Obito

The answer to the question “Did Rin like Obito?” is somewhat ambiguous. Many people have interpreted the movie’s ending to mean that Rin fell in love with the character, but that’s not entirely true. In fact, Rin had feelings for several other characters, including Kakashi. Whether or not she felt this way is a different matter altogether. While this could be a reason for her interest in Obito, it’s not enough to say that she fell in love with him.

Although Rin had a crush on Kakashi after the accident, it doesn’t mean that she admired his work. In fact, she was so impressed with Kakashi’s brilliance that she planned a surprise party for him. However, Kakashi was aware of this, and she told him that she had a crush on him, but was unsure if the other characters would like him as well.

Even if she wasn’t in love with Obito, her feelings for him were largely romantic. The remorse that Obito felt for Kakashi increased when he discovered that Rin was in love with him, as did his jealousy of Kakashi. Then, when Kakashi found out about Rin’s love for Kakashi, he fought him to prevent him from killing her.

The film portrays Obito as a person obsessed with his love for Rin. This is not surprising considering her role as a peacemaker between the two rivals. She was a good friend, but her obsession with Obito was unquestionable. While he is still obsessed with Rin, he also harbored feelings for Kakashi. If she was a real person, he would have no reason to hide his pain from her.

Though Obito is the main character of the manga, Rin’s feelings for him were mostly romantic. She loved Kakashi and was in love with him, too. They were even married. After Kakashi’s death, Rin tried to confess to him, but he rejected her and made her leave. During the afterlife scene, both of them cried. As a result, it’s impossible for her to confess to Kakashi that she was in love with him.

It’s very possible that Rin did not like Obito, but she did love Kakashi. The story also shows that Rin had feelings for Kakashi. Despite her feelings for Kakashi, she did not love Obito. This was a big reason why her relationship with Kakashi was so strained. They had a special bond and a great relationship. When a person falls in and out of love, their feelings for another person are hurt and can’t be reciprocated.

After Kakashi’s death, Rin had a crush on him. Then, she was killed by her lover and thought that he was responsible for the death. This caused Rin to die. As a result, Obito has to seek revenge for killing Kakashi. In the end, she has no choice but to stay with Kakashi. If she has feelings for Kakashi, then she’s not a good person.

It’s not yet clear whether Rin liked Obito. It’s possible that she didn’t. They were merely rivals. Despite the fact that they were not in love, they were a perfect match and her love for Kakashi is undying. Then, they were a perfect match. But, Kakashi favored Obito. In the end, the two were still in love.

In the third season of Naruto, Rin was supposed to have a crush on Kakashi. Initially, Obito believed that Rin had killed himself to make him look good. But it turns out that Kakashi didn’t kill Rin. Afterwards, Kakashi’s death didn’t change his feelings for Rin. But, the two were a good match. Nevertheless, it’s still unclear if Rin liked Obito.

It is possible that Rin had feelings for Kakashi. But, he didn’t have feelings for Rin. Besides, Kakashi had feelings for Rin as well. Those feelings were reciprocal. And, he had no feelings for Rin. As a result, the two were inseparable. This may have been the only reason why Rin loved Kakashi. And Kakashi was, of course, a perfect match. If this were to happen, then the two characters would have had strong emotions for each other.

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