Dinah Washington Net Worth

Dinah Washington is an internationally acclaimed celebrity. Though her rise was marked with struggles along the way, Dinah Washington ultimately found great success and is revered by all.

She was an exceptional singer with great talent who performed alongside numerous jazz musicians, such as Count Basie. However, she battled weight issues and ultimately died of an overdose from pills.

Early Life and Education

Dinah Washington was born Ruth Lee Jones on August 29th 1924 in Tuscaloosa Alabama and moved with her family to Chicago when she was only young; their financial struggles in Tuscaloosa caused by discrimination were overwhelming at that time.

According to James Haskins’ biography “Queen of the Blues,” Washington was raised by an extremely religious mother. However, she often felt unworthy and often experienced criticism and self-worth issues due to this harsh treatment from others in her household.

Washington’s life began to transform in the 1940s. She collaborated with jazz musicians such as Count Basie and Lionel Hampton, recorded several albums for Roulette Records, and began performing live alongside renowned jazz players like Count Basie and Lionel Hampton. By 1963, Washington had married Detroit Lions quarterback Dick Lane – her ninth husband!

Professional Career

Washington was known for her distinctive style and exceptional voice; her music has had an influenceful effect on many contemporary R&B and jazz singers.

She performed on many television shows and movies during her heyday and earned considerable wealth through her career.

Ruth Lee Jones, more commonly known by her stage name Dinah Washington, was born August 29, 1924 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and quickly rose to become one of America’s premier jazz singers and musicians. Aside from being an award-winning vocalist, pianist, composer and performer; Dinah Washington earned numerous accolades and awards in recognition for her musical contributions; she was widely appreciated by audiences all around the globe.

Achievement and Honors

Dinah Washington was an extraordinary singer who overcame many challenges throughout her life. Through hard work and determination, she found success despite facing discrimination due to race; for this work she received many awards for contributing to humanity.

She became known as the “Queen of the Juke Boxes”, becoming beloved among fans of jazz, R&B, and pop music alike. Her signature song was “What a Difference a Day Makes,” topping charts around the country. Additionally, she was honored with being inducted into Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame and receiving a Grammy award.

Though highly talented and widely popular, she struggled with weight issues and poor habits. Additionally, she was known to spend lavishly – her home featured a mink-trimmed couch along with numerous gifts for guests.

Personal Life

Dinah Washington left behind an unforgettable legacy as one of the greatest rhythm and blues singers ever, being honored in both the Grammy and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame, inspiring artists like Aretha Franklin, as well as providing African-American women access to commercial popular music.

She was widely known for her distinctive voice and extravagant stage presence; however, she was frequently criticized for both her appearance and behavior. According to an interview in Nadine Cohodas’ book Miss Rhythm with Miss Rhythm author Nadine Cohodas’ she could often appear both vain and insecure.

Her personal life was plagued with frequent marriages and drug addiction; ultimately she succumbed to a drug overdose at age 39, ending an unpredictable life that showcased both talent and deep-seated insecurity.

Net Worth

She had an impeccable sense of style that set her apart, with an expressive vocal range that attracted top jazz musicians. Her diction and enunciation were spotless and her work ethic unsurpassed.

She traveled the globe, sharing stages with jazz icons like Count Basie and Duke Ellington. However, her life was marred by extreme highs and lows; at 39 she died due to a combination of diet pills and alcohol consumption.

Dinah Washington was one of the most versatile female vocalists in music history, transitioning seamlessly from gospel, blues, jazz and rhythm and blues music styles. Hailing from Tuscaloosa’s Dinah Washington left behind a legacy that continues to influence artists today; she was inducted into Alabama Jazz Hall of Fame, while even an entire street is named in her honor in her home city of Tuscaloosa.

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