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Dining area in the countryside – how can you create an inviting place in the garden?

The cold winter is finally giving way to the warmer spring and this slow process can be felt all around us. Now the sun shines more often and the thermometer shows ever higher degrees. Especially in times of Corona, we all long for more sunshine and fresh air outside. Anyone who has a garden can undoubtedly benefit a lot from it. In spring, being outdoors is particularly pleasant, because everyone can admire the bright colors of the spring flowers and the fresh green of the trees and bushes. The chirping of birds is also a true sign that nature is waking up to new life. Now everyone wants to stay longer in the garden, if the weather allows it. Isn’t a cozy place in the garden exactly what we need? Today we have some great ideas for you to design a dining area in the country.

Let yourself be inspired and rediscover the beauty of nature!

Turn your dining area in the country into an inviting place!

Essecke im Grünen schön gedeckter Tisch Vase mit weißen Blumen gemütliche Atmosphäre

You can have breakfast there in peace …

Essecke im Grünen Frühstück zu zweit serviert rote Blüten ringsum

… and rediscover the beauty of nature.

Essecke im Grünen großer Esstisch weiße Tischdecke zwei Sitzbänke beiderseits unter einem Baum viel Grün schöne Naturlandschaft

Where exactly can you design a dining area in the country?

The outdoor area is gradually turning into our second living room, where we drink coffee, have lunch, read and enjoy relaxing. This is a strong trend in modern home decor. Much more often than in the past, people want to be undisturbed and to spend their time alone or in the company of loved ones as much as possible. The corona pandemic certainly contributed a lot to this, so that everyone is often alone at the moment. That is why you set up small oases of peace in the countryside to linger in the fresh air and feel nature up close. This has a calming effect and is good for body and soul. But where is the perfect place for a cozy dining area in the country? The answer to this question is closely related to the right choice of a suitable place in the garden. In most cases, this is the key to success, that is to say, the successful design of a dining area in the country.

So be careful when choosing the place for your dining area in the country.

Essecke im Grünen

A place under a tall tree is a good choice!

Essecke im Grünen unter einem Baum weiße Möbel Tisch Stühle Leiter schöne Wiese

Let your dining area immerse yourself in green!

Essecke im Grünen unter einem Baum viel Grün ringsum runder Tisch vier Stühle Tischdecke unter einem Baum

Our advice is to find a place in your garden where you feel most comfortable. For example, under a tall tree, where you can enjoy plenty of shade in summer. It is always recommended that you avoid too much sunlight when you are outdoors. In bright summer sun this can be really harmful and no one could endure there for long. You can also design your dining area in the countryside next to beautiful flowering shrubs. There it can be very picturesque and romantic with your coffee in the morning or in the afternoon, but in this case you would at least need a parasol or other sun protection. And something else important: consider the distance between the main house and the dining area in the green when choosing the location, because every lugging of dishes, drinks and food can totally spoil your garden experience.

Your dining area in the country shouldn’t be far from the house.

Essecke im Grünen gedeckter Tisch unter einem Baum viel Grün Sitzbank sehr bequem

You sure want to have small parties outside for friends and relatives too, don’t you?

Essecke im Grünen unter einem blühenden Baum gedeckter Tisch für mehrere Personen Vase mit schönen Blumen

Which furniture can you use when setting up the dining area in the country?

A dining area in the country would not be a dining area without a matching dining table and chairs or at least a bench. Your choice will also show what style you would like to have outdoors. Usually you go for more or less the same style that you have inside the house. But that’s not the rule, so you can try something else as well. We just want to suggest that most home and garden owners opt for rustic décor outside. You can also use old furniture that has been unused in the basement or in the attic for years. They can be made of metal, wood or rattan. You are sure to enjoy giving these pieces of furniture a second chance instead of buying new ones.

Old tables and chairs can now be used outside.

Essecke im Grünen alter Tisch sehr interessante Form Stühle serviert dekoriert Holzkästen mit grünen Kräutern

Wooden furniture from grandma’s times has been given a second chance.

Essecke im Grünen weiße Möbel aus Massivholz in weiß gestrichen aus Omas Zeiten zweite Chance

A table and chairs made of metal fit well into the green garden landscape.

Essecke im Grünen Tisch und Stühle aus Metall grüne Gartenlandschaft

Decorate and illuminate the dining area in the green

Last but not least, we want to give you a few tips for decorating and lighting your dining area in the country. These two aspects should not be underestimated. First, you need to make yourself comfortable outside. No matter whether you read an exciting book there, drink your coffee alone, organize a festive meal or a garden party with friends and family. A vase with flowers, candle holders, lanterns etc. give your dining area in the green that certain something. Also, get warm throw blankets if you plan to sit there in the evening as well. It can get quite chilly on some evenings. Equip your outdoor furniture with soft seat cushions and comfortable cushions to increase the feeling of living comfort in the country. Scented candles are a must outdoors, otherwise bugs could ruin your cozy hours outdoors. Make sure you have the right lighting outside – fairy lights, lanterns, floor lamps and table lamps, perhaps. Then you can spend really romantic hours in the garden!

For your very special moments outdoors!

Essecke im Grünen zum Lesen spezielle Momente allein im Garten Laterne

Essecke im Grünen gedeckter Tisch weiße Kerzen eine romantische Atmosphäre

Essecke im Grünen Vase mit Blumen Decke bequeme Sitzkissen Gemütlichkeit im Freien

Essecke im Grünen alte Möbel viel Sonnenlicht gedeckter Tisch Sektgläser

Appropriate lighting is a must.

Essecke im Grünen unter einem Baum niedriger Tisch Sitzbänke Hängeleuchten

Follow our clever tips for designing a cozy dining area in the country and have a great time there!

Essecke im Grünen schöne Gartenlandschaft gedeckter Tisch Hängegirlande als Deko

Essecke im Grünen schöne Gartenlandschaft viel Grün Pool im Hintergrund gedeckter Tisch unter der weinenden Weide

Essecke im Grünen alter Tisch zwei Laternen darauf Stühle aus Metall romantische Oase der Ruhe unter einem Baum

Essecke im Grünen alte Möbel in die grüne Gartenlandschaft eingetaucht

Essecke im Grünen hohe Bäume gedeckter Tisch große Hängeleuchte romantische Atmosphäre

Essecke im Grünen blühender Baum gedeckter Tisch für zwei Kaffee und Torte draußen genießen

Essecke im Grünen rustikaler Stil gedeckter Tisch hängende Birnenkette Schaffell auf den Sitzbänken

Essecke im Grünen alte Möbel rustikaler Stil blühender roter Rosenstrauch gedeckter Tisch Kaffee Torte weiße Kerzen

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