Does a job description require co-determination?

Does a job description require co-determination?

The works council does not have any rights of co-determination in the preparation of job descriptions. Job descriptions are not selection guidelines or parts thereof (according to ยง 95 BetrVG) and therefore do not require the approval of the works council.

Who is responsible for the job description?

The employer is basically free to decide whether, for which positions and to what extent he creates job descriptions. It can be different if the job description is used to determine remuneration.

Who is responsible for the job description?

The employer is not legally obliged to create a job description or job description, or to include this in the employment contract. However, he must characterize the position.

Who does the job description?

It is characterized by the fact that the job holder has to carry out the tasks associated with the job, is responsible for his decisions and actions and has the necessary competencies, qualifications, knowledge, abilities or skills.

How do I write a job description?

Sample job description: What belongs in a job description? Job title or the title of the job.Classification of the job (department, supervisor, subordinate employee …) If available, a deputy for the job.Goals.Main tasks.Additional tasks.Competencies and duties.

What must be in the job description?

The job description should include the following points: title of the position, function of the position within the company, description of the team or department, supervisor and deputy, direct subordinate employees, objective of the position, core and main tasks, secondary tasks, management tasks.

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