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Bar stool with old-school charm

The bar stools are practical, functional and add style to any living space. Choosing them can be tricky, because you have to take a lot of details into account. First and foremost, the right color is an important feature. Often times, even the simple designs are remarkable. The classic bar stools in black and white create a wonderful dramatic effect in the interior. The variety of furnishing options is enormous. The combinations make the room design look harmonious and unique.

Counter bar stools made of metal Bohemian industrial bar stool bar chair design

Metal counters and bar stools in bohemian style

Low bar stool

Bar stools are available in three different heights. The first of these is from 40 to 60 cm and is suitable for pieces of furniture with a height of 70 to 75 cm. They represent a sensible alternative to the classic chair.

Medium-high bar stool

The medium-high bar stools are suitable for the kitchen counter. They could be combined in color with the countertops. Their height is between 90 and 100 cm and they also fit various bar counters.

High bar stool

This type is suitable for bar and kitchen counters with a height of 100-110 cm. They are mostly found in restaurants and bars. They are much higher than the classic table chairs.

Extra high bar stool

This fourth category is made for bars with counters from 110 to 120 cm high.

Space between the bar stools

An important detail is not only the height, but also the space in between. On average, a distance of 60 to 75 cm should be created between the individual chairs. This ensures comfort between those sitting.

Modern silver colored bar stool high gloss bar stool bar chair design

Modern silver-colored bar stool with a high gloss

How are black bar stools integrated into home design?

The black color can be combined with all other colors fairly easily, which is why such bar stools would suit any furnishing style. You could decorate the black bar stool with different wood or metal elements. They are typical of the industrial and minimalist style.

Tip: If your interior consists of white and beige, the black bar stools would add a stylish accent and help to balance the colors in the dining room.

Mid century bar stool without backrest made of metal-bar stool bar chair design

Mid century bar stool without backrest made of metal

Industrial bar stool made of leather-bar stool bar chair design

Industrial leather bar stool

Bar chair with wooden backrest Vintage bar stool Bar chair design

Vintage style bar stool with wooden backrest

Bar chair with backrest made of wood and stainless steel bar stool bar chair design

Bar stool with backrest made of wood and stainless steel

Industrial style wooden bar stool and wrought iron bar stool bar chair design

Industrial style bar stool made of wood and wrought iron

Unusual bike design bar stool bar chair design

Unusual bike design

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