Does an internship require social security?

Does an internship require social security?

For internships during their studies, which are stipulated in the study or examination regulations, students do not pay any social security contributions – regardless of how long the internship lasts and how high the remuneration or the weekly working hours.

How is an internship taxed?

Now the question arises: Will taxes be due during the internship? Unfortunately, there is no general answer to this question. In principle, however, the following also applies to students: If the salary is below the basic tax-free allowance, you do not have to pay any taxes. If the salary is higher, taxes are usually due.

Which income tax bracket am I as an intern?

If you are a single student and only have a part-time job, this is taxed under tax class 1 by default. When assigning the tax bracket, it is crucial that you as a student are childless and single. So you are neither married nor in a registered civil partnership.

How much wage tax do I have to pay?

In Germany, who has to pay how much wage tax is regulated according to the following basic principle: Whoever earns more should also pay more tax. So the higher the income, the higher the tax percentage. This is currently between 14 and 45 percent of total income in one year.

What do you do in an internship?

The practical semester, also known as the internship semester (BPS), is part of the main course at universities. It is intended to give the students an initial insight into the economy, everyday school life (for prospective teachers / educators) or other fields of practice.

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