Steven Strait Net Worth

Steven Strait is an outstanding young actor with more than ten years of experience who has made significant money through his profession.

He began his career by modeling for iconic brands such as Pop Magazine and Spoon magazine, where he is still active today.

Early Life and Education

Steven Strait is an up-and-coming Hollywood star renowned for his good looks and talent, which set him apart from other actors. First recognized for modeling as a teenager for Hollister and Pop magazine – before taking acting classes to appear in various films and TV shows.

He is an impressive natural talent who dedicates himself to his craft with hard work and dedication, appearing in several movies and television shows such as Chase, Magic City and Revenge – as well as in 2008 action-adventure movie 10,000 B.C.

He boasts an extensive resume as a fashion model, rock singer and actor. With strong fan following and serving as face of The Expanse series on Starz network TV show; Sky High movie; The Covenant movies etc… he is well-recognized in Hollywood world.

Professional Career

Steven Strait has earned himself a prominent place in Hollywood through hard work and determination. Beginning his acting career with Sky High, he then appeared in other movies such as Undiscovered. Additionally, as a producer he oversaw at least 30 episodes of The Expanse series production.

As a teenager, he modelled for Herb Ritts and Bruce Weber photographers; later becoming a regular in TV series such as Third Watch, Chase Magic City, and Revenge.

He currently stars as James Holden on The Expanse and has earned widespread acclaim for his performance. Additionally, Lakeshore Records recently signed him and will shortly release his debut album.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Strait is a gifted actor who has quickly established himself in the film industry. A tireless worker, he strongly believes in reaching his goals and has appeared in multiple movies as well as modeling work for several magazines. An Enneagram Type Three personality, Steven is motivated by wanting to be acknowledged for his accomplishments and feels pride when they’re accomplished.

In 2004, he moved to California in pursuit of his goal to become an actor. He auditioned for Sky High, winning Warren Peace as his role. Since then he has appeared in other movies such as Stop-Loss, City Island and After.

He currently portrays James Holden on The Expanse TV series and has earned himself many fans through this role.

Personal Life

Steven Strait has made waves since beginning his acting career. A talented young man with an engaging disposition, Steven is continuously striving to learn new things and push his limits further. Without forming any inflated egos of his own, Steven remains true to himself and remains true to himself.

He began modeling as a teenager. Since then he has appeared in multiple magazine shoots such as L’Uomo Vogue, Spoon magazine, Details, Hollister Co and Pop.

He stands at 6 feet 2 inches, weighs approximately 155 pounds, has brown hair and eyes with fair skin complexion and currently is in a relationship with model Daria Zhemkova.

Net Worth

Steven Strait currently boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million, comprised of his mansion, automobile, investments, properties earned through modeling and acting career and properties earned as part of Sky High Undiscovered soundtrack compilation. Steven is also an accomplished musician having contributed seven songs for both soundtracks.

He grew up in Greenwich Village and attended both Village Community School and then Xavier High School before enrolling at Stella Adler Studio of Acting. His parents are Jean Viscione and Richard Dyer Strait; their ancestry can be traced both to English and Italian roots.

As a teenager, he modelled for several magazines including L’uomo Vogue, Spoon magazine, Details, Surface Hollister and Pop magazine. Additionally he was married briefly to actress Lynn Collins until their divorce in 2013. Since 2013 he has been in a relationship with model Daria Zhemkova.

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